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MAY15 2017

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Liquid Biopsies Remain Wait and See For Some Clinicians Circulating biomarker assays are seeping into the clinical world, where they promise to refresh cancer profiling and monitoring practices. Still, if these assays are to break through clinicians' skepticism, they must rise on a surge of clinical trial data. 26 Contents • Volume 37, Number 10 • May 15, 2017 Machines Learn to Sift Big Biodata Mountains of biodata are rising, and the gold they contain is just starting to be extracted in earnest. Small-scale prospectors are yielding to industrial players who are in a rush to deploy automated sequencing and high-performance analytics technology. 1 Biomarker Validation for Genomic Assays Scant analytes. Heterogeneous samples. Inconsistent sample prep guidelines. These challenges, and others, are being met by assay developers. See how they put their tests to the test and demonstrate the clinical utility of genomic biomarkers. 1 Interpreting the Language of Proteins Proteins have a body language. Instead of straightforward amino acid sequences, it depends on post-translational modifications, which can be "read" via novel mass spec analyses such as multiple attribute and hyper reaction monitoring methods. 1 8 Corporate Profile 6 SpaceX-Style Gene Editing Achieves Liftoff Synthego, founded by former SpaceX engineers, has the "right stuff" for biotech: CRISPRevolution, a synthetic RNA platform. It's the next stage in genome editing. Bioprocessing Perspectives 24 Automatic Piston Discharge Pushes Ahead Celeros' automatic piston discharge (APD) technology combines power and a gentle touch. And because it's a sealed system, the APD centrifuge reduces contamination and biohazard risks. Drug Discovery Tutorial 12 Monitor the Activity of Any Methyltransferase Promega's MTase-Glo, a bioluminescence-based assay, can monitor the activities of methyltransferases and their modulation by small molecules in a wide range of plate formats. Bioprocessing Tutorial 22 Microbial Secretion via Esetec Technology Esetec, Wacker Biotech's microbial secretion technology, is an efficient alternative to mammalian cell systems for the production of nonglycosylated therapeutic proteins. 4 Sticky Ends 6 Industry Watch 10 Discovery & Development 16 Genomics & Proteomics 24 Bioprocessing 28 Molecular Diagnostics 29 New Products 32 Calendar 33 People 34 Best of the Web 24 GEN ROUNDUP

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