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MAY15 2017

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Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | | MAY 15, 2017 | 7 work at one site," Dabrowski details. "That proximity helps ensure that iterative tests oc- cur within days rather than weeks." The concept of scalability also was pow- erful. "Inspired by the impact of Moore's law and scalability in computers, SpaceX automated as much of the manufacturing process as it could," adds Dabrowski. "That enables it to produce up to a dozen rockets per year in one-tenth of the space required by its competitors." Those same concepts of iterative devel- opment and scalability form the basis of Synthego. Agile Biotech Paul and Michael Dabrowski eventually left Aerospace for Biotech, realizing this field holds incredible opportunities in terms of curing diseases, feeding the world's popula- tion, and solving seemingly intractable ener- gy problems. They brought the Agile mind- set with them. "Scientists in their labs don't get the sup- port they need," Dabrowski says. "They have laboratory equipment, but they have to do much of the work manually themselves. That gets in the way of an Agile process." Synthego brings Agile concepts to bear on researchers' workflows through automation and scalability. "We spent about four years developing the core technology for hardware and software to make genome engineering processes better," Dabrowski says. Cross-Disciplinary Team Synthego is comprised of a variety of disciplines beyond those usually found in biotech companies. In addition to biotech industry professionals, it boasts a broad mix of staffers with backgrounds in engineering, technology, and math, as well as operations and manufacturing. "The cross-disciplinary blend of software, hardware, chemistry, and biology is tightly coupled here. Our team adheres to engineering values," Dabrowski says. In other words, the company has an it- erative, Agile mindset. The company's flagship product, CRIS- PRevolution, was officially released in Au- gust 2016. In the future, Synthego foresees a virtual cloud laboratory or biology as a service—familiar concepts in the computing world—that will allow researchers to pro- gram a set of experiments that would occur in a Synthego facility. Right now, Dabrowski says, "We want to continue improving the workflow and sim- plifying the science. We're focusing on auto- mating physical research … to turn biology into information science." Corporate Profile Synthego Location 3696 Haven Avenue Redwood City, CA 94063 Phone (650) 206-4011 Website Principal Paul Dabrowski President Number of Employees 50 Focus Synthego develops synthetic RNA products for CRISPR genome edit- ing. These products are designed to facilitate automated workflows, improve editing efficiency, and reduce off-target effects. Vital Signs

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