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JUL 2017

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Watch This 3D Cell Culture Space If you try to navigate a 3D cell culture world while retaining your 2D thinking, you'll be outmaneuvered . . . or simply lost. But if you have the right guidance, you'll be able to explore new dimensions in basic research, drug discovery, and therapeutics. 10 GEN ROUNDUP Top Trends in Tissue Engineering A place for every cell, and every cell in its place—this ideal of tissue engineering is becoming more of a reality, now that bioprinters can tuck genetically engineered and reprogrammed cells into 3D scaffolds, emulating the contextuality of natural tissues. 36 GEN ROUNDUP Contents • Volume 37, Number 13 • July 2017 RNA-Seq: Less Lumping, More Splitting Single-cell RNA-seq, unlike bulk RNA-seq, detects subtle differences between cellular subtypes, revealing new entities and previously unknown relationships between them. But it also demands specialized methods of data analysis. 1 Optimizing the Delivery of Peptide-Based Therapeutics Despite their processing advantages, peptides pose serious delivery challenges. Luckily, peptides are getting better at getting into position—and lingering there—thanks to conjugate formulations, injectable carriers, subdermal pumps, and more. 1 Gene Therapy: A New Twist on an Old Helix Retooled and resurgent, gene therapy is safely delivering potent packages of foreign DNA while demonstrating efficacy against various inherited disorders, both the rare and the all-too-common, as well as a widening array of cancers. 1 1 Corporate Profile 6 Panasonic Launches Dual-Compressor Freezers It's time to redefine "cold comfort." Each TwinGuard freezer from Panasonic can stay ultracool through a crisis because it has automatic failover to a backup compressor. Bioprocessing Perspectives 30 Accelerating Novel Therapeutic Discovery Peptide synthesis is a necessary— but often time-consuming—task in drug manufacturing. New protocols for sequencing seek to speed the process up. Drug Discovery Tutorial 8 Advancing 3D Cell Culture for Biomedical Research Using Primary Cells Although cell lines are the familiar choice, says Lonza, primary cells may be the better choice for cell culture, especially 3D culture meant to faithfully model donor tissue. Bioprocessing Tutorial 28 Manufacturing of AAV Vectors for Gene Therapy Cobra Biologics describes the process development challenges associated with the transition from clinical to commercial manufacturing of viral vectors. 4 Sticky Ends 6 Industry Watch 16 Discovery & Development 22 Genomics & Proteomics 30 Bioprocessing 32 Molecular Diagnostics 38 New Products 40 Calendar 41 People 42 Best Science Apps 6

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