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JUL 2017

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Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | | JULY 2017 | 7 the VIP ECO features an automatic vacuum release port and an easy-opening handle that would allow the door to be opened again im- mediately after it is closed. The gaskets also were redesigned to resist the damage that oc- curs when users scrape away ice buildup. For the VIP ECO and TwinGuard sys- tems, Panasonic uses compressors that are designed specifically for ultralow-tempera- ture freezers. That's not standard across the industry, Lynum points out. "Some use com- mercial-grade compressors or compressors designed for air conditioners. The difference is very important." A History of Firsts In 1966, Panasonic became the world's first manufacturer of pharmacy-grade re- frigeration systems. "As pharmaceuticals became more valuable, people realized they had to control their storage temperatures," Lynum says. That understanding led to Pan- asonic developing the first thin-wall freezer and the first cryogenic freezer, along with many other firsts. When choosing freezers, Lynum says, "You want to look first at the reliability of the manufacturing process." Panasonic's quality management process ensures the same stan- dards are met regardless of where the equip- ment is manufactured. "Whether our freezers are manufactured in Taiwan, Korea, or China, the equipment is all the same," he emphasizes. Lynum also advises users to look for vari- ability in set-up procedures: "Some manufac- turers need to adjust their equipment to ensure it's set up properly before customers use it." Opportunities Panasonic Healthcare North America is a subsidiary of Panasonic Healthcare of Japan, which is owned by Panasonic Healthcare Holdings. KKR, a global investment firm, and Mitsui & Co. (one of Japan's largest di- versified corporations) control the holding company. The North American operations team focuses on sales and customer outreach, including bringing customers' requests back to the design and engineering team in Japan. "That structure creates opportunities for Panasonic," Lynum says. For example, KKR also invests in HCA Healthcare. Mitsui consid- ers the medical/healthcare sector a key domain and invests heavily into the sector throughout Asia. "Panasonic is the dominant player in Ja- pan (where our biomedical business has about a 45% market share) and throughout Asia," adds Lynum. Panasonic's North American biomedical business is growing tremendously, according to Lynum. "We're focused on the biomedical business, and most of our pharmaceutical cli- ents are along the East Coast," he says. The clients include academic institutions, govern- ment and big pharma, and, increasingly, fast- growing biomedical companies. Notes Lynum, "We want to be known as a manufacturer of life-science equipment, providing better prod- ucts (than what's currently available) for [the North American] market," he says. Get there fast with Corning. Are you just getting started in 3D cell culture? Looking for proven ways to scale up? Or making the move to high throughput screening? Whatever your challenge, Corning can help you break through the barriers to create more in vivo-like environments and predictive models. For more than 25 years, Corning has delivered innovations that have advanced the science of 3D cell culture. We pioneered the development of novel tools providing easier access to in vivo-like 3D models, such as Corning® Matrigel® matrix and Transwell® permeable supports. And we continue to support you with a diverse and evolving portfolio of innovative 3D cell culture products, solutions, protocols, and expertise. Corning is committed to working with you in critical areas like cancer biology, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine – to help you bring safe, effective drugs and therapies to market in less time with greater certainty. Find out how Corning can help you conduct more biologically relevant research and better predict how your next discovery will behave in the real world. Visit to learn more. Break the 3D barrier © 2017 Corning Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. CO R N I N G 3 D CEL L CU LT U R E SURFACES VESSELS MEDIA Corporate Profile Panasonic Healthcare North America Location 1300 Michael Drive, Suite A Wood Dale, IL 60191 Phone (800) 858-8442 Website com/us Principal Steven Lynum Senior Vice President Number of Employees 100 Focus Panasonic Healthcare North America provides freezers, incubators, autoclaves, cell- processing workstations, biological safety cabinets, and LabAlert software for biomedical organiza- tions in North America. Vital Signs

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