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AUG 2017

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Add binding agent to a spin column directly Eluted RNA Sample in TRIzol ® Bind RNA ready to use High Quality RNA for Next Generation Sequencing, Hybridization, RT-PCR, and more * = Supplied with TRI Reagent ® Product Cat. No. Size Direct-zol ™ RNA Microprep R2060, R2061* R2062, R2063* 50 Preps. (≤10 µg RNA) 200 Preps. (≤10 µg RNA) Direct-zol ™ RNA Miniprep R2050, R2051* R2052, R2053* 50 Preps. (≤50 µg RNA) 200 Preps. (≤50 µg RNA) Direct-zol ™ RNA Miniprep Plus R2070, R2071* R2072, R2073* 50 Preps. (≤100 µg RNA) 200 Preps. (≤100 µg RNA) 96-well spin plate & MagBead formats also available Try a free sample and experience the future today! or call (888) 882-9682 Non-biased miRNA recovery mirVana (log 10 ) Direct-zol (log 10 ) miRNA-Seq 2837 overlapped miRNA: r 2 = 0.9706 nCounter 800 overlapped miRNA: r 2 = 0.9027 mirVana (log 10 ) Direct-zol (log 10 ) The data show RNA purified from TRIzol ® samples using the Direct-zol ™ RNA MiniPrep compared to an unbiased method (mirVana ™ , Ambion). Micro-RNA analysis was performed using miRNA-Seq (MiSeq ® , Illumina) and a direct hybridization assay (nCounter ® , Nanostring). Proven Citation Record High-quality small & large RNA Genomic DNA Contamination Small RNA 1 10 [kb] High-quality small and large RNAs are effectively recovered using the Direct-zol ™ kit. RNA is DNA-free. Direct-zol ™ Supplier Q 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 109 28 593 271 1320 1670 2017 Y TD Tel: (949) 679-1190 Lee, Bongyong, et al. "The long noncoding RNA SPRIGHTLY acts as an intranuclear organizing hub for pre-mRNA molecules." Science Advances 3.5 (2017): e1602505. Zemmour, David, et al. "Flicr, a long noncoding RNA, modulates Foxp3 expression and autoimmunity." PNAS 114.17 (2017): E3472-E3480. Errichelli, Lorenzo, et al. "FUS affects circular RNA expression in murine embryonic stem cell-derived motor neurons." Nature Communications 8 (2017). Kennedy, J. L., et al. " Complete Genome Sequence of a Novel WU Polyomavirus Isolate from Arkansas, USA, Associated with Acute Respiratory Infection." Genome announcements 5.2 (2017): e01452-16. Hrabeta-Robinson, Eva, et al. "High-Throughput Small RNA Sequencing Enhanced by AlkB-Facilitated RNA de-Methylation (ARM-Seq)." RNA Methylation: Methods and Protocols (2017): 231-243.

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