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AUG 2017

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Lights! Camera! Live-Cell Imaging! Consider it a bonus feature: a behind-the-scenes take on live-cell imaging—casting, equipment selection, and on-location difficulties. While it allows that temperamental stars and special effects may increase production costs, this "extra" recognizes that the show must go on. 8 GEN ROUNDUP Contents • Volume 37, Number 14 • August 2017 DNA Fab Keeps Getting More Fab If you thought assembling IKEA shelves could be tricky, try piecing together entire chromosomes! Fortunately, DNA fabrication tools and techniques keep improving, thanks to innovations in biosensors, DNA nanoswitches, and microfluidic chips. 1 True to Scale: Benchtop Bioreactors Maintaining the right proportions throughout process development is a specialty of bench-scale bioreactors, which incorporate single-use elements, linearly scalable actuators, and sensors to enable the faithful modeling of commercial drug production. 1 Biomarker Platforms Advance Immuno-Oncology Improved cancer immunodiagnostics and immunotherapeutics depend on biomarker discovery, which in turn depends on technologies such as multiplex labeling, high-resolution imaging, single-molecule detection, and powerful analytics. 1 14 Corporate Profile 6 TIME for Parallelized Drug Discovery Bactevo's drug discovery platform integrates microfluidics, nanotechnology, and AI. It can survey vast chemical spaces quickly, shortening development times by years. Bioprocessing Perspectives 22 Upping Peristaltic Pump Performance The Quantum, from Watson Marlow, promises low pulsation and ultra-low-shear performance. A single-use cartridge, called ReNu, helps ensure stability and process control. Drug Discovery Tutorial 12 Automated Label-Free Cell Counting If you want to conduct kinetic proliferation assays, consider using HC Cell Counting, a form of high- contrast brightfield imaging developed by BioTek Instruments. OMICS Tutorial 18 Culling Information from the Tumor Microenvironment BD Genomics has developed a platform for targeted gene- expression profiling, reagents for tissue dissociation, and other tools to help users dissect tumor heterogeneity. Bioprocessing Tutorial 24 Addressing Cell-Line Contamination to Improve Data Reproducibility MilliporeSigma describes validation techniques as well as storage and handling "best practices" that scientists can follow to ensure research reproducibility. 4 Sticky Ends 6 Industry Watch 12 Discovery & Development 18 Genomics & Proteomics 22 Bioprocessing 29 Molecular Diagnostics 30 New Products 32 Calendar 33 People 34 Best Science Podcasts

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