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SEP15 2017

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Multiplex Immunoassays Bring the Array, Not the Disarray Whether it is based on beads, chips, or plates, a multiplex immunoas- say array must be aligned with multiple targets, which means it mustn't be allowed to work at cross-purposes. Unwanted interactions between antibodies, reagents, and analytes can confound biomarker panels. 8 GEN ROUNDUP Contents • Volume 37, Number 16 • September 15, 2017 Big Data from Images of Tiny Tissue Samples Computational pathology platforms, no matter how sophisticated their image-analysis algorithms, will never replace real pathologists. Instead, digital technology and human intuition will work together to derive clinically actionable information from whole-slide scans. 1 Gene Drives Steer toward Road Tests The gene drive test track has guard rails—technologies to confine model organisms and prevent the rise of resistant alleles. These safety features will help self-driven genes follow the rules of the ecological road when real-world testing starts. 1 Solving the Puzzle of Cell Culture Optimization Assembling a jigsaw puzzle is not nearly as tricky as building a stable and productive bioprocess. Puzzle pieces stay the same, but process components—media, cell lines, and bioreactor conditions—are variable. Luckily, modeling and new types of sensors can make optimization a snap. 1 26 Corporate Profile 6 DWK Focuses on Combining the Powers of Three To supply integrated labware solu- tions, DWK is integrating the portfo- lios and development teams of three newly merged companies—Duran Group, Wheaton, and Kimble Chase. Bioprocessing Perspectives 22 To Surge or Not to Surge? Many industry stakeholders are racing to develop and patent a truly continuous bioprocessing line. A few proposals for this type of line exist, and some of them use a surge tank between process operations. Would use of a surge tank preclude characterization of the process as being truly continuous? Experts weigh in. Drug Discovery Tutorial 12 Back to Basics: Using ELISA Kits for Bioprocess Optimization A mainstay of biochem labs, ELISA also supports bioprocessing. ELISA, says Enzo Life Sciences, can espy leached Protein A and host-cell proteins that slip into biologic streams. Bioprocessing Tutorial 24 Determining Stability of mAb Formulations Fluence Analytics describes how simultaneous light-scattering experiments can show how diverse stressors affect the aggregation or degradation of protein samples. 4 Sticky Ends 6 Industry Watch 10 Discovery & Development 16 Genomics & Proteomics 24 Bioprocessing 29 Molecular Diagnostics 31 New Products 32 Calendar 33 People 34 Best of the Web 27

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