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SEP15 2017

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Continuous bioprocessing made easy BioSep: the easiest scalable perfusion system on the market The BioSep is a unique cell retention system for high-density perfusion processes, using acoustic resonance waves to separate cells. The clog-free technology can be used for extended periods of time and requires minimum maintenance since there are no moving parts for separation. The BioSep combines high productivity and simple operation for a large range of cultivation systems, covering the complete range of cultivation volumes. The BioSep comes in: 1 L, 10 L, 50 L, 200 L and 1.000L. Visit for more information. Save money and time • Clog-free & cell-protecting operation via acoustic separation • Easy installation, operation and maintenance • Reliable scale-up from 100 ml/day to 1.000 L/day, with the same method of perfusion Increase productivity • Continuous flow processes covering the complete range of cultivation volumes • High separation efficiency (> 98%) & cell concentration (up to 125 million cells/ml) • Easy perfusion over extended periods of time a step ahead

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