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SEP15 2017

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22 | SEPTEMBER 15, 2017 | biomanufacturers can achieve specific purification productivities of 125 g of mAbs/liter/hour using SSB's Sarto- bind ® membrane adsorbers and the Sanofi ASAP process. This represents twice the productivity of multicolumn resin chromatography approaches re- ported in the literature thus far. Already in the Continuous Processing Space SSB has a platform of technologies that will enable customers to develop and implement process-intensification projects and continuous bioprocessing within their facilities with the support of our Integrated Solutions team. Glycotope has reported, for ex- ample, that process-development scientists can use the ambr ® 15 au- tomated microbioreactor system to mimic the performance of perfusion bioreactors. Also at the development scale, BiosanaPharma and Mycenax has used the Sartorius Biostat ® B-DCU benchtop bioreactor for experiments to determine the optimum retention filter for extreme cell density cultures. We can provide our clients with single-use N-2 and N-1 perfusion bioreactors solutions and we have successfully demonstrated that our large-scale single-use Biostat STR 2000 bioreactor has the mass-transfer capabilities to run concentrated fed- batch processes at very high cell densi- ties using an appropriate cell-retention mechanism. The trials showed that the Biostat STR 2000 could generate re- sults equivalent to those from the ex- isting process performed in a stainless- steel bioreactor. These data are in line with those from Patheon, which has shown that its XD ® processes deliver over 200 million cells/mL in a Biostat STR 500 (Figure 3). Clarifying high cell densities of more than 50 million cells/mL from intensified upstream processes can be performed with SSB's Sartoclear Dynamics ® filters with body feed technology. These filters provide consistent clarification irrespective of the cell viability and the point of harvest. Moving toward Continuous Bioprocessing Continued from page 21 CO N T I N U O U S B I O P R O C E S S I N G Figure 3. The single-use bioreactor Biostat STR's direct linear scalability is crucial for ensuring the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of bioprocess development campaigns.

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