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SEP15 2017

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32 | SEPTEMBER 15, 2017 | for changes in the conductivity of the test solutions. The solutions showed a slight drift to higher values of 2.3 mS and 16.3 mS over the 35 days; most likely due to some evaporation of water from the cells. However, the final readings of the sensors under test were identical at 2.3 mS and 16.3 mS. Additionally, fresh 2 mS and 15 mS buffer was introduced into the sensors under test, and they read 2 and 15 mS, respectively. These results indicate no change in values over 35 days at ambi- ent temperature. The UV/Vis/NIR system consists of a photometer with wavelength- specific LED light source, fiber optic cables and optical couplers, and a flow cell. The flow cell contains no electronics, so for the long-term accuracy study reported here, the photometer and cables were the units under test, not the flow cell itself. A photometer equipped with a 280- nm LED, cables, and couplers were attached to a flow cell and allowed to operate normally with 100% UV light transmissions through the flow cell for 93 days at room temperature. Data were continuously recorded and inspected daily for abnormalities. Maximum drift over the 93 days was <0.1 AU. At the end of the 93 days, the accuracy of the photometer was determined by challenging it with NIST-traceable UV standards without taring the unit. The results, presented in Table 2, show the photometer re- mained within specification following the extended operation. Conclusion Single-use sensors represent robust technologies that can be considered for qualification in GMP processes. They have established themselves as viable alternatives to traditional gauges in biopharmaceutical develop- ment and manufacturing, and are well positioned to support the growing interest in the implementation of con- tinuous bioprocessing. Their physical and functional integrity over extended periods of operation time have been demonstrated, and they can comple- ment other single-use technologies in continuous unit operations. Qualifica- tion of single-use sensors for specific process conditions and/or process fluids is recommended. Single-Use Sensors in Continuous Bioprocessing Continued from page 31 CO N T I N U O U S B I O P R O C E S S I N G Worthington Enzymes – Animal-free collagenases, nucleases & proteases for broad bioprocessing applications from primary stem & cell isolation to vaccine production Primary producer of quality, lot-to-lot consistent enzymes & proteins for 70 years USDA approved animal-sourced products and animal-free certifi ed ISO9001 certifi ed QMS produced under GMP guidelines Multi-scale extraction, fermentation, protein purifi cation & lyophilization Want to learn more? Request the new Worthington Bulk/OEM Partner Services brochure today: http://www.worthington- Wo r t h i n g t o n – R e m e m b e r i n g W h e r e I t A l l S t a r t e d The energy that drives all Worthington employees is the deep commitment to consistently produce superior quality products while providing personal service. We factor this into every phase of production, from research and development to final product. New employees join Worthington regularly, yet half have been with the company for over 25 years. Many are related to or are descendants of current and former employees. Their loyalty and pride in Worthington traditions assure continuity in the quality of our products and service. These diligent, quality-driven experts set the pace in today's enzyme production. They have provided the foundation of Worthington's success for over 70 years. • High quality and consistent enzymes since 1947 • Products produced under GMP guidelines in Worthington's ISO9001 Certifi ed facility in Lakewood, New Jersey USA • Dedicated bulk and OEM support team • Extensive range of enzymes and biochemicals with an emphasis on new products • Animal-free enzymes for pre-clinical, bioprocessing and biopharma applications Charles C. Worthington, 1947 Bulk/OEM Services Our Driving Force is Quality 70 Years of Progress ISO9001 Certifi ed 800.445.9603 • 732.942.1660

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