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SEP15 2017

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8 | SEPTEMBER 15, 2017 | | Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Drug Discovery Feature Roundup The immunoassay—a mainstay of life sciences and clinical diagnostic laboratories—detects and quantifies proteins and other kinds of molecules in complex samples, usually through the use of antibodies. Although immunoassays offer specificity, convenience, and economy, they tend to disappoint if multiple analytes need to be measured simultaneously. Expedients exist, but they typically involve parallel workflows, which consume more sample or require specialized equipment, such as microfluidic devices. Instead of running multiple singleplex immunoassays—in parallel or, worse, in sequence—one may run a multiplex immunoassay. When the multiplex option is taken, the usual antibody-coated well may be replaced with antibody-coated elements such as beads or microwells. Many configura- tions and antibody/reagent combinations are being developed. Which might work for you? To find out, read the advice from our multiplex immunoassay experts. Multiplex Immunoassays Bring the Array, Not the Disarray E X P E R T P A N E L Daniel Pregibon, Ph.D. General Manager, Platform Innovation, Abcam Woei Tan, Ph.D. Senior Staff Scientist, Bio-Plex Assay Development, Bio-Rad Laboratories Paige Johnson Luminex Assay Development Manager, Bio-Techne Stefan Wild, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, R&D, Miltenyi Biotec Yingqing Mao, Ph.D. Senior Director, R&D, Raybiotech David P. Chimento, Ph.D. Vice President, Client Solutions, Rockland Immunochemicals 8 | SEPTEMBER 15, 2017 | | Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News See Roundup on page 10

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