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OCT15 2017

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Design and order your custom capture today for only $3K Now is a great time to design and evaluate your custom capture for NGS Now until November 15 th , 2017, US customers can evaluate a 4-reaction pack (before multiplexing) of SeqCap EZ Choice human design for only $3000*! Target any content of 0 – 7 Mb. SeqCap EZ empowers you • Increase coverage and uniformity by deploying up to 2.1 million probes • Reduce expense by fully supported multiplexing • Combine Roche SeqCap EZ Choice with KAPA HyperPrep or KAPA HyperPlus library prep kits in an optimized HyperCap Workflow • Easily scale from pilot studies to high-throughput production • Increase throughput with help from our Automation Support Team • Design your capture online or by working directly with our Design Team *Offer limited to first-time, US-based SeqCap EZ users only. Valid on human capture targets of 0 – 7 Mb. Purchase order must be received by 11/15/2017. Contact your Roche representative for pricing on larger designs (7 – 200 Mb) or on captures for non-human samples. For Research Use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. © Roche Diagnostics. All rights reserved. KAPA, NIMBLEGEN and SEQCAP are trademarks of Roche. Competitor A Design, Moderately Stringent Co verage NimbleDesign (Roche NimbleGen) Relaxed Uniqueness Coverage (Match 5) Primary Target Chr1 1 1.000 0.800 0.600 0.400 0.200 0.000 1.000 0.800 0.600 0.400 0.200 0.000 1.000 0.800 0.600 0.400 0.200 0.000 101,000,000 101,020,00 0 101,040,000 101,060,00 0 101,080,000 101,100,00 0 101,120,000 101,140,00 0 101,160,00 0 101,180,00 0 101,200,00 0 101,220,00 0 101,240,000 101,260,00 0 101,280,00 0 101,300,000 101,320,000 101,340,00 0 101,360,00 0 101,380,000 101,400,000 101,420,000 101,440,00 0 101,460,000 101,480,000 101,500,00 0 Design comparison between SeqCap EZ Choice Enrichment System and Competitor A Design Software. A 3.51 Mb region on Chromosome 18 was targeted to compare probe coverage across design platforms. Roche NimbleDesign probes covered 79.3% of the target region (2.79 Mb of target) compared to 50.2% coverage (1.77 Mb of target) by Supplier A's design software. Note: Probe design used standard design parameters for both NimbleDesign and Supplier A's software. Coordinate files from each design were uploaded to SignalMap software to obtain coverage file illustrated above. About 1.05 Mb of coverage space was unique to the NimbleDesign platform and not covered by Supplier A's software. Start your customized SeqCap EZ Choice Design today! Visit to start generating your design, request panel-design assistance, or obtain a quotation for your $3K 4-reaction pack. Learn more about the advantages of SeqCap Target Enrichment at Visit today!

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