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OCT15 2017

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Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | | OCTOBER 15, 2017 | 31 For more information, visit our website (, click on New Products, and search through our comprehensive new products database. New Products Multiplex Biomarker Detector The new SR-Plex benchtop instrument uses single-molecule measurements to assess proteins and can significantly reduce sample volume requirements when compared to alternative approaches. Its benchtop format can be easily integrated with existing auto- mation platforms. This detector is capable of measuring nucleic acids with ultra sensitivity, without utilizing PCR. The SR-Plex is part of a menu of more than 70 protein-detection assays and critical biomarker-multiplex assays. In addition to a smaller instrument footprint, the SR-Plex has been optimized for increased multiplexing capabilities, making it an easy to use and economical option for high-sensitivity biomarker analysis, whether for proteins or nucleic acids. Quanterix Automation-Friendly Reservoirs This eco-friendly range of reservoirs relies on dispos- able, sterile, clear polysty- rene inserts that sit securely within a sturdy, SBS-format, reusable base. Each flat- bottom insert benefits from the SureFlo™ anti-sealing array, which prevents pipette tips from sealing off and stops liquid from "popping" into tips, filters, or the pipetting head. A specially formulated surface treatment prevents liquid from pooling, resulting in a dead vol- ume of less than 3 mL. For ease of use, the reservoirs feature visible integrated volume gradu- ations, allowing rapid, accurate filling with the required reagent volume. Unused reagent can be returned to the source container via the pour-back spouts, or a latching lid can be attached to the reservoir, enabling short-term storage while preventing evaporation and spillage. Integra Biosciences Single-Use Bioreactor The CellMembra P-SUB is a single-use bioreactor available in sizes as small as 500 mL. It integrates the customizable single-use bioreactor with a high preci- sion CerPhragm single-use pump (SUP) and single-use sensors with the single-use cross-flow filter. The CellMembra 500 mL P-SUB is fitted into a liquid- or electrical- heated foot, connected via a cable from the red laser sensor and blue drive gas hose to the diaphragm pump from the ultracompact, dual-channel, and fully programmable Clotho controller. PerfuseCell Specialty Fume Hoods The UniMax series of hoods has been expand- ed to include a wide selection of models that feature fire-supression systems to meet Cali- fornia requirements. Standard models range from 6–24' wide, 4–8' deep, and 7–16' high. Tall apparatus/distillation processes, roll-in reactors, or long integrated instrumentation systems can be easily accommodated in these hoods. UniMax Floor-Mounted Hoods are constructed of chemical-resistant, noncon- ductive modular panels featuring composite resin surface material. This modular design allows for onsite assembly and the ability to disassemble, move, and then reassemble at a later date. Custom sizes and designs can also be built to exact specifications. HEMCO LC-MS Triple-Quadrupole Mass Spec The Ultivo™ Triple Quad is a transformative approach to liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) that integrates several hardware and software innovations designed to deliver even more improved business results for customers. Ultivo is optimized to address the food and environmental routine testing segments employing triple quad LC-MS sys- tems for quantitative analyses. It delivers robust performance and easier serviceability, in a footprint that is 70% smaller than previous instruments. Ultivo provides reproducible, reliable assays that result in improved performance for complex ma- trices. Greater ion-transmission efficiency leads to optimized sensitivity; and improved, intelligent diagnostics use intuitive readbacks that can quickly identify issues, ensuring opti- mum uptime. Furthermore, Ultivo's new VacShield vacuum provides ventless ion-injector exchange capabilities that reduce wear and tear and facilitate rapid front-end main- tenance. Agilent Technologies Immunotherapy Cell Culture Medium PRIME-XV ® Dendritic Cell Maturation CDM is a chemically de- fined, animal-component-free medium for the differentiation of monocytes into immature dendritic cells, and subsequent matura- tion into dendritic cells. Dendritic cells (DCs) are the most potent antigen-presenting cells capable of priming naïve T cells and are, therefore, essential tools in the activation of immune responses to tumors. It is essential for monocyte-derived DCs (Mo-DCs) to maintain their functional capacity to launch antigen-specific im- munity, leading to T-cell activation into therapeutic T cells. Serum and undefined components found in animal- or human-derived raw materials can negatively affect this Mo-DC functional capac- ity. PRIME-XV Dendritic Cell Maturation CDM provides a robust method for the generation of Mo-DCs in chemically-defined culture conditions, thereby maintaining their capacity to induce a T-cell response. Irvine Scientific

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