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OCT15 2017

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Copy Number Variation Probes Inform Diverse Applications Although no single sequencing approach can accurately identify all copy number variation types—and short reads don't adequately flag copy number variations—better methods to analyze and organize DNA fragments are emerging. 8 Contents • Volume 37, Number 18 • October 15, 2017 Cancer Immunotherapy Spurs Work on Better Animal Models It is thought that humanized mice models will improve the predictive value of preclinical testing for cancer medications. This model, as well as new models employing large animals or immunodeficient mice, are gaining momentum. 1 The Rise of Single-Cell Genomics To launch comprehensive cell atlas studies, efficient processing of large sequencing datasets will be required. The ability to profile single whole cells and single nuclei will also help shape understanding of each cell type. 1 Antibody Characterization Balances Rigor and Reason Antibody testing standards are well underway. But validation relies on numerous orthogonal methods, and for best results, a combination of antibody-dependent and antibody-independent testing methods is suggested. 1 8 Corporate Profile 6 Bioprocess Control Specialist Focuses on Single-Use Sensors PendoTECH, a provider of measuring, monitoring, and data-collection equipment for bioprocessing, says that single-use technology facilitates automation and boosts efficiency. Bioprocessing Perspectives 23 Lonza Upgrades Live-Cell Imaging System A bright-field live-cell imaging system from Lonza called CytoSMART—now in version 2—delivers a higher resolution, wireless control, and data-transfer capabilities. Drug Discovery Tutorial 12 Real-Time, Bioluminescent Apoptosis Assay Assays of cell-death pathways have tended to emphasize sensitivity. But kinetics may soon get its share of attention, now that Promega is offering a plate-friendly apoptosis and necrosis assay. OMICS Tutorial 16 Examining Inflammatory Cytokines in Serum and Plasma Quanterix describes how its SR-Plex system simultaneously detects and quantifies six circulating disease biomarkers, potentially improving the tracking of disease progression. Bioprocessing Tutorial 24 Screening to Small-Scale GMP Biomanufacture Infors USA maintains that if machine learning is used from the start of a cell-line development project, process development may be accomplished in parallel with clone development. 4 Sticky Ends 6 Industry Watch 12 Discovery & Development 16 Genomics & Proteomics 24 Bioprocessing 26 Molecular Diagnostics 30 New Products 32 Calendar 33 People 34 Best of the Web

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