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NOV15 2017

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Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | | NOVEMBER 15, 2017 | 31 For more information, visit our website (, click on New Products, and search through our comprehensive new products database. New Products Automated Dual-Function FPLC System The Contichrom Discovery is an automated FPLC system for the purification of tagged proteins and antibodies. It combines two functional features: full single-column and automated multistep batch purifi- cation. Up to three connected chromatography steps can be run in one process without user intervention. For example, antibodies can be purified with one process including Protein A affinity, cation-exchange polishing, and desalting steps. Up to 19 three-step purification runs can be performed per day. The system has an inbound fraction collector for four fractions. An external fraction collector is available optionally. With a hardware and software upgrade, the system can be converted into a high-throughput model with the capability for unattended purification of up to 18 consecutive samples per sequence. ChromaCon Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Laboratories are under increasing pressure to decrease their energy con- sumption in order to meet strict emission targets and lower utility bills. Finding ultra-low tempera- ture cold storage equipment that can help reduce environ- mental footprint and that is equipped with features to maintain sample storage conditions can be challenging. The catalog of Energy Star–certified freezers now being offered includes the new TSX, Forma 89000, Revco RLE, TLE, and HERAfreeze HLE series. These freezers are designed to reduce energy consumption while ensuring sample protection. To reduce energy consump- tion, the certified freezers incorporate features such as the unique V-drive technology that continually detects and adapts to user patterns to provide temperature uniformity through- out, fast door-opening recovery, and lower heat emissions to reduce HVAC costs. Thermo Fisher Scientific Ducted/Ductless Fume Hoods These corrosion-resistant polypropylene fume hoods with exhaust HEPA filters (aka powder containment hoods) utilize a powerful adjustable fan and filtration system to protect users during pow- der handling, and when weighing or measuring drug dosages. The hoods are available in 24", 32", 36", and 48" widths. The sash material is AR polycarbonate. Portable models can be positioned on nearly any bench. The model shown has a removable airfoil, located along the front bottom, to prevent the creation of turbu- lence. It also features a rear baffle to create slotted openings along the back of the hood and keep the airflow uniform across the hood opening. Cleatech Multichannel Pipettes The use of microplates is now standard in most laboratories, making multichan- nel pipettes the perfect tools to increase productivity and reproducibility. Working with 8-, 12-, or 16-channel pipettes dramati- cally reduces the number of pipetting steps compared with single-channel pipetting. This efficiency gain is even more pronounced when using multichannel electronic pipettes offering multidispensing, allowing multiple aliquots—of the same or different exact vol- umes—to be dispensed in a single pipetting cycle. A new range of pipettes and pipette tips have been designed in combination in order to prevent tips from leaking or falling off, as well as to ensure they are all perfectly aligned at all times. When loading, GripTips snap on with an audible click and positive haptic feedback to ensure they are securely fitted, which means that no "hammering on" is required, and tips can be easily ejected after use. Integra Biosciences Trace Metal Fume Hoods UniFlow Polypro Trace Metal Fume Hoods are specifically designed for applications where it is imperative that the fume hood be constructed of nonmetallic materials. Trace Metal Fume Hoods are ideal for water treatment, marine and soil sciences, environmental toxic analysis, and toxicology. The fume chamber and integral work surface is one welded, seamless piece of white polypropylene. The baffle is fabri- cated of the same white polypropylene and the exterior is constructed of chemical- and flame-resistant white compos- ite resin. The hood is equipped with front horizontal sliding sashes that are either tempered glass or polycarbonate, with four sash panels on two tracks, vapor-proof lighting, switches, and an exhaust collar. A wide selection of accessories and services are offered, including polypropylene cabinets to maintain the nonmetallic requirement. The fume hoods are offered in 48"-, 60"-, 72"-, and 96"-width models in either 30" or 36" depths. HEMCO Clear, Disposable Tips These new tips are intended for use with Air LiHa™, Air FCA™, and Cavro ® ADP pipetting options, providing cost-effective, verified performance for applications that do not require capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD). Suitable for a variety of ap- plications, these nonconductive clear tips are especially useful for setting up methods where users can see into the tip. Each tip is manufactured in a state-of-the-art, controlled envi- ronment, and optically inspected to ensure consistent performance. The newly developed range includes 50, 200-, and 1,000 μL- tips—all with or without filters. Tecan

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