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NOV15 2017

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CRISPR Tools Grow in Sophistication siRNA laid the groundwork for functional genomics, and then CRISPR technology took the research world by storm. Now, tool suppliers are developing arrayed libraries and synthetic gRNAs in different formats. The goal? More precise, targeted genome manipulations. 14 Contents • Volume 37, Number 20 • November 15, 2017 Raising the Bar of Cell Line Authentication R esearchers are starting to recognize that cell line misidentification and contamination are huge problems, but they may be slow to implement cell line authentication protocols, unless external pressure is exerted by grant-funding agencies and scientific journals. 1 Cell-Free DNA Drives Liquid Biopsy Testing Cell-free DNA is stable, easy to collect, and relatively easy to analyze. Much of it, however, comes from normal cells, and the bits that remain often defy easy interpretation. Fortunately, researchers remain undaunted—they are diligently finding ways to use scraps of cfDNA in clinically relevant ways. 1 Avoiding Costly Errors in Bioassay Development When optimizing bioassays for biologics, developers have a range of options: automate workflows to enhance potency and stability bioassays, employ carefully selected cell-based assays, and establish critical collaborations with expert statisticians and IT personnel. 1 Unlocking the Potential of CRISPR-Based Gene Editing CRISPR/Cas9 components can be introduced via viral or nonviral systems, with the optimal strategy depending on the desired application and target. Lonza explains how its new focus on CRISPR fits the future of gene editing. 18 22 Corporate Profile 6 Mobile and Modular Labs Offer Control and Speed On-the-go laboratory space can provide startup companies the quick access they need, and help larger organizations segregate large facil- ity operations from manufacturing spaces that require more rigorous cGMP standards. Bioprocessing Perspective 25 Cell and Gene Therapies: Industry Faces Potential Capacity Shortages Identifying cell and gene therapy developers or products in commercial development is a difficult task, as there are wide variations in reporting of the number and types of organizations actively developing products. Drug Discovery Tutorial 12 Expediting the Creation of Mouse Models Mouse models with specific genetic backgrounds are available from The Jackson Laboratory. If complex modifications are required, CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing may not a suitable option. Instead, the lab may rely on traditional transgenic microinjection and embryonic stem cell–based techniques. OMICS Assay Tutorial 20 Take Liquid Biopsy and Other Apps in Hand Two Pore Guys describes its battery- operated, handheld "molecular meter," an open platform that allows independent developers to create assays for diagnostic (and other) applications. Bioprocessing Tutorial 26 Achieve QbD by Managing Impurity Data Luminata, an informatics system that enables organizations to establish impurity control strategies, was designed by ACD/Labs to organize analytical, chemical, and process information. 4 Sticky Ends 6 Industry Watch 12 Discovery & Development 20 Genomics & Proteomics 24 Bioprocessing 29 Molecular Diagnostics 31 New Products 32 Calendar 33 People 34 Best of the Web

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