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DEC 2017

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Complete Inactivation Toll Free: (888) 882-9682 DNA/RNA Shield ™ Learn more about DNA/RNA Shield ™ at 0 40 30 20 10 Stool 0 7 14 30 Days RNA DNA C t Graphs show spike-in DNA and RNA purified from stool at the indicated time points and analyzed by (RT)qPCR. Nucleic acid stabilization at ambient temperature Transportation medium for any biological sample without cold chain Blood Collection Tube 16x100 mm vacuum tube Fresh EDTA Citrate Heparin Swab & Collection Tube 12x80 mm tube + HydraFlock Swab Mouth Nose Throat Fluid Hydraflock Swab Fecal Collection Tube 20x76 mm scoop tube Virus Microbe Host Microbe & Tissue Lysis Tubes 2 ml lysis tube Animal Plant Insect Microbe Ultra High- Density Beads Samples containing the infectious agent (virus, bacteria, yeast) were treated for 5 minutes with DNA/RNA Shield ™ or mock (PBS). Titer (PFU) was subsequently determined by plaque assay. Microbial and viral inactivation 1 3 7 9 5 PBS HSV Ebola Influenza E. coli * B. subtilis L. fermentum E. faecalis M. tuberculosis L. monocytogenes P. aeruginosa S. enterica S. aureus DNA/RNA Shield ™ Bacteria Yeast Virus virus: log pfu/ml bacteria/yeast: log cfu C. neoformans C. albicans S. cerevisiae * Complete Inactivation Swabs Stool Tissue Blood 3 ml draw R1150 (50 pack) 1 ml reagent Microbe (+beads) Microbe w/ swab Tissue R1102 (50 pack) R1103 (50 pack) R1104 (50 pack) R1105 (50 pack) 9 ml reagent R1101 (10 pack) 1 ml reagent 2 ml reagent R1106 (10 pack) R1107 (50 pack) R1108 (10 pack) R1109 (50 pack) Screwcap Scoop

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