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DEC 2017

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To Gild the Microbe Is Anything but Wasteful Useful microbes, already optimized twice—once by nature, once by recombinant DNA technology—are being upgraded via synthetic biology. In fact, with machine learning and robotics, synthetic biology is enabling optimization that is iterative—and remunerative. 14 Contents • Volume 37, Number 21 • December 2017 Viral Safety Copes with Complexity Viral clearance is not a "one and done" operation. It's a process, one that calls for bioprocess engineers to implement control strategies. Such strategies may incorporate upstream quality assessments; multiple inactivation and filtration steps; as well as in-process controls. 1 3D-Bioprinting Conference Showcases Versatility Printing living, biological material is getting closer to reality, following the creation of models that churn out personalized drugs, test drug potency, regenerate collagen-based cells, and facilitate engineering of tissue transplants. 1 Turning Cell Signaling against Cancer When cell signaling drifts, well-meaning messages can be taken the wrong way, causing communication breakdowns that culminate in cancer. To resolve signaling issues, researchers are using single-molecule assays, splice-switching oligonucleotides, and fusion constructs. 1 20 Thoughts from a Thought Leader 6 Walid Gellad: A Unique Voice in the Drug Pricing Debate An inside look at how Walid Gellad, M.D., associate professor of medicine and director of the Center for Pharmaceutical Policy and Prescribing at the University of Pittsburgh, became a prominent voice in the drug pricing debate. Drug Discovery Tutorial 12 MALDI-MS Detection Schemes Hasten Drug Development MALDI-MS, says Bruker Daltronics, is enabling ultra-high-throughput screening and a new means of imaging drug distribution, filling drug discovery pipelines and evaluating ADME/TOX more expeditiously. Assay Tutorial 16 Real-Time Discrimination of Immune Cell Function and Fate beyond Immune Cell Characterizatio n Metabolic shifts reflect dynamic changes in the functional states of immune cells. By tracking these shifts, an Agilent platform can help researchers assess (and influence) activation and other cell functions. Bioprocessing Tutorial 22 Pepide-Based Delivery of Recombinant Proteins and Nucleic Acids The IntraStem system, from Locate Therapeutics, uses glycosamino-glycans to help cell-penetrating peptides carry various cargos, such as recombinant proteins, into various cell types, such as stem cells. 4 Sticky Ends 6 Industry Watch 12 Discovery & Development 17 Genomics & Proteomics 20 Bioprocessing 26 Molecular Diagnostics 27 New Products 28 Calendar 29 People 30 Best Science Apps

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