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DEC 2017

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LOSS-OF-FUNCTION SCREENING LIBRARY CONSTRUCTION Surviving Cells Amplification & Next-Gen Sequencing of Barcodes / sgRNA Transduced Target Cells Packaged Pooled Lentiviral Library Treated Cells depletion enrichment Treatment (e.g. drugs) (optional) Selection Treated Cells Negative Selection "Viability" Screen Positive Selection "Rescue" Screen Median Experiment (Day 9) Median Control (Day 0) - 4.8 +1.5 : (-) Luc controls -1.5 Plasmid Pooled shRNA or sgRNA Library Oligo Synthesis DATA ANALYSIS shRNA or sgRNA Oligo Pool shRNA T6 barcode gRNA tracrRNA T6 Oligo Detachment PCR & Cloning Lentiviral Packaging Lentiviral Transduction 3 days after FAS induction Plasmid Library Gene functional analysis. CRISPR and RNAi. Simplified. Who we are Cellecta is a leading provider of genomic products and services. Our functional genomics portfolio includes gene knockout and knockdown screens, custom and genome-wide CRISPR and RNAi libraries, construct services, cell engineering, NGS kits and targeted expression profiling products and services. We can help your discovery efforts. +1 877-938-3910 or +1 650-938-3910 © 2017 Cellecta, Inc. 320 Logue Ave. Mountain View, CA 94043 USA Custom and off-the-shelf knockout and knockdown solutions. • Ready-to-use knockout, CRISPRa and CRISPRi pooled libraries • Custom constructs and libraries, lentiviral packaging • NGS analysis kits and sequencing service • Knockout and knock-in cell lines Find out how Cellecta can help with all your gene editing needs. Visit today.

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