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DEC 2017

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X2 CRISPR for ©2017 All rights reserved Mirus Bio LLC. Mirus Bio and TransIT are registered trademarks of Mirus Bio LLC. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Now you can use the same transfection reagent for your knockout, knockdown or expression experiments. The TransIT-X2 ® Dynamic Delivery System takes CRISPR genome editing a step further with an advanced polymeric technology that efficiently delivers plasmid DNA, small RNAs such as siRNA and CRISPR guide RNA or RNP complexes. The TransIT-X2 ® Dynamic Delivery System delivers CRISPR/Cas components in multiple formats: DNA–deliver plasmid DNA expressing Cas9 or guide RNA RNA–deliver sgRNA or crRNA:tracrRNA Protein–deliver Cas9:gRNA RNP complexes TransIT-X2 ® Dynamic Delivery System X2 X2 X2 ADVANCE YOUR TRANSFECTIONS. Request a FREE SAMPLE of TransIT-X2 ® Dynamic Delivery System T7E1 cleavage efficiency in 293T/17 cells transfected with Cas9 pDNA/gRNA or Cas9 protein/gRNA (RNP) using TransIT-X2 ® .

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