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26 | AUGUST 2018 | Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | For more information, visit our website New Products Western Blot Secondary Antibody 2view is a double-labeled, secondary antibody that enables extended detec- tion within the widely used Western blot applica- tion. The product consists of a ternary complex developed using the company's world-leading InnovaCoat and Lightning- Link technology. 2view secondary antibodies are labeled simultaneously with a visible chemi- luminescent enzymatic detection system. The gold nanoparticles enable fast visible detection at nanogram level whereas the enzymatic detection mechanism enhances sensitivity down to picogram levels of protein. Expedeon Benchtop Flow Cytometer The CellStream™ benchtop flow cytometry system is a compact, customizable flow cytometer that uses a camera for detec- tion. Its unique optics system and design provide research- ers with sensitivity and flexibility when analyzing cells and submicron particles. The system's Amnis® time-delay integra- tion and camera technology rapidly captures low-resolution cell images and converts them to high-throughput intensity data with enhanced fluorescence sensitivity. The new system can be used in a wide variety of research areas, including exosome research, where it can identify small populations unable to be seen on other cytometers. MilliporeSigma Mouse IgG Assay The Cedex Bio and Cedex Bio HT Analyzer menu has been expanded to include automated quantification of Mouse IgG. The Mouse IgG Assay offers precise, ac- curate, and rapid access to mouse IgG titers (IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b) over a broad measurement range from 10 mg/L to 7.5 g/L, up to 150 g/L with additional autodilution. This immunoturbi- dimetric assay uses anti-mouse IgG antiserum which forms a precipitate with mouse IgG in the sample; the precipitation formed is measured photometrically at 340 nm. Customization can be achieved through the use of a product-specific calibrator. For use in quality control/manufactur- ing process only. Roche CustomBiotech Crohn's and IBD mAbs These new anti-vedolizumab antibodies, which support research into the treatment of Crohn's and ulcerative colitis, include four recombinant anti-idiotypic mAbs that are highly specific for the humanized IgG1 kappa antibody drug, vedolizumab, and are suitable for the development of bioanalyti- cal and patient monitoring assays. These mAbs are generated using the Human Combinatorial Antibody Library (HuCAL ® ) and CysDisplay ® , a proprietary method of phage display, resulting in highly targeted reagents. The paratope-specific antibodies inhibit the binding of vedolizumab to its target, alpha4beta7 integrin, which makes them ideal for the development of a pharmacokinetic bridging ELISA to monitor free-drug levels, or as reference standards in anti- drug antibody assays. Bio-Rad Laboratories Stem Cell Culture Medium The StemFit ® Basic03 clinical-grade stem cell culture medium for regenerative medicine is produced animal-origin-free and is ready for cell therapy applications. StemFit Basic03 is proven to provide highly stable and reproducible culture condition for iPSCs and ESCs under feeder-free condi- tions during the reprogramming, expan- sion, and differentiation phases of stem cell culture. StemFit Basic03 combines high colony forming efficiency with lower than standard media volume consumption to offer cost-effective colony expansion when compared to leading competitors. AMS Bio Compact MALDI-TOF Instrument The space-saving MALDI-8020 achieves performance specifications simi- lar to those of larger, more expensive MALDI-TOF models but in a signifi- cantly smaller footprint. It improves laboratory efficiency and accelerates analysis through a newly designed load-lock system for rapid sample target introduction and a solid-state laser for fast data acquisition speeds. Using linear time of flight, this compact system enables low-level detection of proteins, peptides, and polymers, among other analytes. Also, it easily accommodates standard laboratory workflows such as peptide mass fingerprinting for simple protein ID confirmation, in-source decay and polymer distribution analysis. An integrated barcode scanner will allow a seamless workflow from loading samples to obtaining results. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

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