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Contents • Volume 38, Number 14 • August 2018 What's Trending Online G E N E X C L U S I V E S Blood Protein Linked to Mental Disorders Consciousness-Aiding Protein Produced by Cells Deep in the Brainstem G E N E X C L U S I V E S Cannabinoid-Based Drugs Seek New High, Part I T H E L I S T S Top 10 Biopharma IPOs January–June 2018 G E N N E W S H I G H L I G H T S Aspirin Intensifies Disposal of Alzheimer's Plaque Science Photo Library - KTSDESIGN / Getty Images thegoodphoto / Getty Images Blablo101 / Getty Images fatido / Getty Images New CRISPR Startups Get a Leg Up Pioneering CRISPR researchers have been on each other's heels since they began developing their gene editing tools. Now they may be spreading out as they guide new startups along divergent paths. 14 Commercializing Gene Therapies It's easy for gene therapy manufacturers to become preoccupied with marketing and logistical issues. But they should also focus on "high touch" patient services, monitoring treatments and enhancing outcomes. 24 Epitope Mapping Orients Immune Interventions Before launching an immune intervention, get the lay of the land—the nature of the antigen's binding site. It will show promising directions for antibody design, viral immunotherapy, and allergen identification. 1 The Scoop 6 Tissue Engineering Covers Wide Range of Applications Besides securing regulatory approvals, tissue engineering firms are inspiring optimistic growth projections. Especially celebrated are the firms bringing injectable hydrogels and 3D-printed structures to market. 4 Sticky Ends 26 New Products 28 Calendar 29 People 30 Best of the Web Bioreactors Pull Out Some of the Stops If your bioprocessing output figures aren't music to your ears, consider retuning your bioreactor and rearranging its accompaniment. Bioreactor and process avoids false notes Harmony and amplifies flows. 1 You Can Run, but Your DNA Can't Hide Forensic DNA specialists are deploying microfluidic technologies and sifting through databases to track down elusive perpetrators. And if DNA analysis fails, protein-based technologies can yield valuable clues. 1 OMICS Assay Tutorial 16 Real-Time Monitoring and Modulation of Neutrophil Activation Agilent's Seahorse XF quantifies oxygen consumption in live cells and provides temporal resolution of neutrophil activation. Bioprocessing Tutorial 22 Demonstrating Process Scalability MilliporeSigma describes a turnkey solution for upstream process development that can provide high titers and a path to scalable critical quality attributes. On Your Radar 8 Outsourcing Drives Growth at Almac Diagnostics Almac provides services in biomarker discovery, assay development, companion diagnostics, and clinical trial management. Drug Discovery Tutorial 12 Improving CRISPR-Cas9's Rate of Homology-Directed Repair Homology-directed repair is most reliable, says Integrated DNA Technologies, if cut sites are proximate to insertion sites, and if DNA templates and guide RNAs are optimized.

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