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NOV1 2018

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30 | NOVEMBER 1, 2018 | Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | For more information, visit New Products Monkey-Adsorbed Antibodies Now available are two new polyclonal sheep anti-human, affinity purified, FITC conjugated, monkey-adsorbed antibodies. Both of these polyclonal antibodies have been designed expressly for use as an integral component within a variety of different testing procedures, especially enzyme immunoassays (EIAs). One is an anti-immunoglobulin antibody and the second is an anti-IgG (Fc) targeted antibody. Both of these antibodies demonstrate minimal species cross-reactivity with monkey serum proteins, due to insoluble adsorption tech- niques utilized during manufacturing. Plus, these antibodies also feature exceptional lot-to-lot consistencies and offer extended shelf life stability claims. The Binding Site High-Strength Vials The JG Finneran range of high-strength rounded or flat-bottomed headspace vials is available in capacities of 6, 10, 20, and 27 mL. Available in either clear glass or amber glass (for light-sensitive samples), each vial's wide opening allows samples to be simply and quickly added. These headspace vials are manufactured to specific tight tolerances and are guaranteed to fit and perform with all brands of automated chromatography instruments. Manufactured from durable type I borosilicate glass, with low metal content, Finneran headspace vials protect your sample from destabilizing or leaching. The Finneran range of headspace vials is designed for high-pressure strength during the heating process thus reducing the possibility of cracking or strain lines. All crimp-cap headspace vials can be matched with caps and liners or with butyl rubber stoppers from the Finneran range. Porvair Sciences Hotstart Master Mix The ampDRY hot start master mix has been developed to enable complete end-stage or real-time PCR assays to be stabilized in a dry format at ambient tem- peratures for at least 12 months, negating the requirement for cold chain shipping and storage. ampDRY allows the straightfor- ward creation of stabilized assays: oligonucleotides are combined with the ampDRY reagent and dispensed into PCR vessels, then stabilized by controlled air dry- ing. Once dried, the end-user simply adds their DNA sample to the stabilized reaction prior to amplification and detection. This technology offers significant benefits over other stabilization techniques for both end-users and IVD manufacturers. The ampDRY master mix is available in both bulk and small volumes, making it suitable for commercial manufacturers and laboratory use. Biofortuna Sterilization Supplies The new line of Tyvek ® sterilization supplies for biopharmaceutical equip- ment and medical device components provides optimum contact clarity for visibility, is offered with and without sterilization indicators, and is compat- ible with autoclave, steam, and EtO sterilization methods. With 54 options from which to choose, the company's off-the-shelf Tyvek sterilization supplies include a large assortment of pouches, sheets, and tubes, and are available in many sizes and styles. Lightweight and durable, Tyvek material provides a superior microbial barrier to ensure devices stay sterile. It also provides excellent tear strength and puncture resistance, maximum breathability during sterilization, and is available with heat- sealing and self-sealing options, and peelable and non-peelable fusion seal options. Qosina Biological Safety Cabinet The HeraSafe 2030i is a cloud-enabled biological safety cabinet (BSC) specifically developed to address the need for uncompro- mised contamination control, seamless workflow connectivity, and enhanced ease of use in cell culture laboratories. Driven by customer input, the cabinet has been designed to set new stan- dards in laboratory performance and productivity, transforming the way biopharmaceutical, bioproduction, clinical diagnostics, and applied research applications are being performed. The cabinet enables secure remote collection and storage of data, facilitating superior analytical reproducibility and traceability of results. Incorporating a set of self-managed security fea- tures, the HeraSafe 2030i unit delivers optimal protection from airborne contaminants, without requiring any user interference. It has been equipped with an advanced, intuitive graphic touch screen for simplified operation, which displays internal BSC conditions, such as airflow patterns while providing information on errors and usage manipulations and how these could be addressed to promote experimental success. Thermo Fisher Scientific Pathogen Detection Kit The newly redesigned NESDEP portable laboratory for pathogen detection is an accurate, high-throughput, and easy-to-use system has benefits in the food safety industry and potentially beyond. The newest market- ready NESDEP per- mits the detection of pathogens in less than 90 minutes, from the introduction of a raw sample to the full completion of the assay. NESDEP can be used by a lay person without specialized training or experience. It can be used in virtually any indoor or outdoor location with access to power. Each NESDEP test kit contains a biochip programmed to test for specific biological material. Cubed Laboratories

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