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NOV1 2018

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For more information, visit our website (, click on New Products, and search through our comprehensive new products database. New Products 34 | NOVEMBER 1, 2018 | Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | Best Science Apps Links to the apps described above are posted on GEN's website, To suggest an app for Best Science Apps, please send a link to Kristen Drummey ( Key Strong Points Weak Points Excellent Ratings Very Good Good 9 – HHHH HHH HH SoloLearn: Learn to Code HHHH Platform: iPhone/iPad Available for Android: Yes Cost: Free 9 Courses available for many languages, easy to navigate, fun to use Coding has become an essential tool for scientists in all disciplines and knowing how to code helps enormously when you're trying to streamline experiments or data processing. For those just starting out with coding, SoloLearn: Learn to Code is an excellent app that makes learning how to code fun. The app includes short courses on every major coding language and a few additional topics, such as machine learning. Courses include information about the language's syntax and contain short exercises where users can actually write and run pieces of code within the app. In addition to the courses, there's also a Play feature, which pits users against each other in a short challenge of their coding skills. There is also a Code Playground where users can code freely and a discussion forum for those who find themselves stuck. Overall, SoloLearn: Learn to Code is an excel- lent app where users can learn to code and have fun doing it. Transnetyx Colony HHHH Platform: iPhone/iPad Available for Android: No Cost: Free 9 User interface is well organized and easy to navigate Mouse colonies can easily get out of control without an organized system to keep track of your breeding pairs, holding cages, and pups. Transnetyx Colony is a fantastic tool that makes managing your colony as easy as possible. The app combines all of your colony information into one place so that you can scan through each individual mouse with ease. The app allows us- ers to input all of the necessary information for each individual mouse, such as age, genotype, and parents. It also provides a broad overview of your colony on the main screen, so that you can see at a glance your total number of mice and cages, the number of breeding pairs in the colony, and the number of litters that need weaning. Transnetyx Colony is an excellent app for anyone who manages a mouse colony and is looking to update their colony management system. Mobile Molecular DataSheet HHH Platform: iPhone/iPad Available for Android: No Cost: Free 9 Can access many preloaded chemical structures and can save reaction sheets within the app – Somewhat difficult to navigate Mobile Molecular DataSheet is a handy app for drawing chemical structures and reactions right on your mobile device. The app comes preloaded with a variety of common chemical structures which users can copy and paste into their own datasheets saved on the app. The preloaded structures span a variety of different classes, from small rings and functional groups to mul- tidentate ligands and cage complexes. Each molecule is also completely customizable so that users can add atoms and change bonds within each structure. Users are also able to draw their own structures from scratch. The app is a little tricky to use at first but comes with a help feature that guides novice users through the process of creating and manipulating structures. Mobile Molecular DataSheet is a useful app for anyone who needs to map out structures and reactions, whether they be an organic chemistry student or a seasoned chemist. Drosophila Assay Assistant HH Platform: iPhone/iPad Available for Android: No Cost: Free 9 Great for recording basic information about the experiment – Can't input additional notes or information about an experiment Drosophila Assay Assistant is a useful app for scientists using Dro- sophila in behavioral experiments. Users can configure the settings of their experiment right within the app, including the total time of the assay, the genotypes and genders of the flies being used, and the age of the flies. During the course of the experiment, users can utilize up to four additional timers for precise documentation of the stages of the assay. Once the assay has concluded, the app retains the data from the experiment right within the app, so that a com- plete record exists of the flies that were run and for how long. Users can easily export this data so that they can copy it over to a lab notebook or send to collaborators. Al- though the Drosophila Assay Assistant is fairly basic in its functionality, it is a useful tool to help research- ers using flies keep track of their experiments. MedWords Medical Dictionary HHH Platform: iPhone/iPad Available for Android: No Cost: $0.99 9 Enormous database of words and definitions, easy to search – Definitions include only text, no diagrams or images MedWords is a straightforward app that delivers exactly what it promises—a searchable medical dictionary, perfect for students and medical professionals alike. The app contains definitions for thousands of words across a wide range of medical topics, from diseases and disorders to chemicals and proteins. A straightforward definition is provided for each word, and users can see synonyms or hear the word pronounced. There is also a database of common prefixes and suffixes and their meanings, and users can save important words to their favorites for easy reference later on. The app also in- cludes a search feature so that users who know exactly what they are looking for can jump directly to the entry. Although the app is fairly basic and only provides text definitions, it is a handy reference for medical students and professionals who need a refresher on important medical terms. NeuroMind HH Platform: iPhone/iPad Available for Android: Yes Cost: Free 9 Fair amount of different classification scales provided – Most useful if you already have a classification scale in mind NeuroMind is a useful app for medical professionals, particularly those who specialize in neurological diseases and trauma. The app divides neurological issues into overarching categories, including epilepsy, infection, and tumors. Each category contains informa- tion about several different classification scales that can be used to assess the problem. Additional information is provided for each level of the classification scales, to aid with diagnosis. Users are able to favorite classification scales that are particularly useful to them and a reference is provided for each scale. In addition to the text-based classification scales, there are a few that have interac- tive components in which users can adjust parameters such as age and etiology in order to get a more refined result. Although NeuroMind is targeted to a specific audience, it is a useful tool for neurologists and medical professionals as they try to diagnose a patient.

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