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NOV1 2018

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Page 39 of 57 • 800-645-3050 001.A1.0152.A Eppendorf ® , the Eppendorf Brand Design, and epT.I.P.S. ® are registered trademarks of Eppendorf AG, Germany. All rights reserved including graphics and images. Copyright © 2017 by Eppendorf AG. Is Your System Optimized? Eppendorf pipettes and epT.I.P.S. ® —an optimized liquid handling system > epT.I.P.S. are made of virgin polypropylene free of slip agents, biocides, or plasticizers—substances known to leach out of plasticware > High end manufacturing makes Eppendorf pipettes particularly durable and able to hold accuracy throughout the products' life A pipette is only as good as the tip that sits on it. Eppendorf tips have been designed to fit perfectly on our Eppendorf pipettes, ensuring a tight seal. An optimal tip fit means optimized performance, accuracy, and reproducibility for reliable assay results.

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