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DEC 2018

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Launching A New Era in Antibody Drug Development WuXi Biologics' proprietary, open-access bispecic antibody platform has revolutionized the biologics industry. We have eliminated the drug development challenges associated with other bispecic platforms yet maintained a highly •exible platform with multiple valency options. In addition, the technology platform allows for almost any monoclonal antibody (mAb) sequence to be used. See below for more details. Additional Supporting Discovery Services • Saves 6-18 months of development time • Reduces manufacturing costs by as much as 90% • High protein expression in CHO cells (5 – 16 g/L) • No aggregation or solubility issues • Easy, single-step purication (>95%) using Protein A • Very stable: >2 weeks in serum at 37 °C • Almost any mAb sequence can be used • Available in both symmetric and asymmetric formats • Accommodates di¡erent valency formats (bi, tri & tetra) • Designed so that bispecic Ab can be puried using the same scheme as mAbs • Typical in vivo half-life as mAbs • Engineered to achieve low immunogenicity in vivo by using natural sequences WuXi Biologics o¡ers the entire spectrum of discovery services for the generation, characterization and selection of high potency novel antibody therapeutics. We provide assay development and full analytical, in vitro and in vivo assessment of leads to assess a¤nity, potency, specicity, solubility, immunogenicity, PK, toxicity and stability. In addition, we o¡er humanization, a¤nity maturation and manufacturability/developability services. ;OL>VYSK»Z653@:PUNSL:V\YJL 7SH[MVYTMYVT*VUJLW[[V*VTTLYJPHSPaH[PVU HKEX: 2269.HK • • WuXibody TM Signicant CMC Development Advantages WuXibody TM Bispecic Unique Engineering Advantages

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