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DEC 2018

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22 | DECEMBER 2018 | Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | For more information, visit New Products Cell Analysis Software The Novisight™ 3D cell analysis software was designed for microplate- based experiments. The software's True 3D technology enables users to check sample morphol- ogy and measure a range of spheroid or cell nuclei parameters including volume and sphericity. For biologists, the software makes it possible to mea- sure and analyze physiological relevant 3D models, helping improve the speed of drug discov- ery. The software comes with a variety of ready-to-use 3D cell assays. Simply choose the assay that suits your experiment and begin analyzing. Users can also automate sequential processes for multiple datasets and assays. Olympus Disease State Sera These infectious/contagious disease state sera/plas- ma products available to in vitro diagnostic manu- facturers and clinical/life sciences research facilities. Following all current regulatory and quality stan- dards guidelines, these human-based serum/plasma biological materials cover an expansive variety of diseases, including EBV, in'uenza, measles, mumps, TORCH, and West Nile. Evaluation samples are readily available, and all materials come in bulk formats, for use in the manufacturing of calibration and quality control materials. In addition, comprehensive data on analyte positives, as well as negatives, are avail- able, along with an all-inclusive certi–cate of analysis. The Binding Site Mounting Media Vectashield® Vibrance™ is antifade mounting media that delivers signi–cant improvements to the immuno'uorescence work'ow. It increases brightness over the entire visible spectrum, including far- red 'uorophores, compared to existing mounting-media o˜erings. Vectashield Vibrance produces ultra-low back- ground to provide a clean, crisp image, enabling researchers to study –ner details and cellular markers. The blue background is eliminated, which ensures high contrast, and a uniform sheet of the new media produces virtually no bubbles to detract from the quality of the slide. O˜ered with and without DAPI counterstain, the mounted slides can be stored at room temperature, provid- ing increased 'exibility and options for archiving. Specimens mounted with Vectashield Vibrance can be viewed in one hour instead of the recom- mended 24 hours for other media. Vector Laboratories Di˜erential Viscometer This Analytical Detector is a highly sensitive, online di˜erential vis- cometer which can be used as part of a triple detector GPC/SEC system to determine the size and confor- mation of all types of synthetic polymers, biopolymers, proteins, and peptides. It can dramatically reduce the noise level and increase sensitivity by more than an order of magnitude compared to any viscometer available. The detector can be used at much lower 'ow rates than has been previously possible and detection at lower molecular weights and at lower concentration are now routinely possible. Semi-micro GPC/SEC chromatography applications will bene–t from this new detector. Testa Analytical Solutions Heating & Cooling Reactor Module The Polar Bear Plus GSM™ is a versatile heating and cooling reactor module for 'ow chemistry applications using glass static mixers/reactor chips (GSMs). To achieve high reproducibility and facilitate scale-up, the control of mixing and temperature is essential, particularly for highly exothermic or fast, mixing-dependent reactions. Compatible with all Uniqsis GSMs from 250µL to 20mL total channel volume, the unit delivers precise 'ow reactor temperature control from –30°C up to +150°C. The Polar Bear Plus GSM™ will accommodate all sizes of GSM from a single large chip, or using a conductive insert, up to 2 of the smaller GSMs. The Polar Bear Plus GSM reactor is easy to use and is completely self- contained, requiring only an electricity supply for operation—no cardice, refrigerants, or messy heat transfer 'uids. An insulated PTFE cover with view window allows GSMs to be removed and re–t- ted without the need to disconnect the 'uidic connections. Uniqsis Cell Growth Microplates The extended range of BactiGrowth specially pack- aged plates is designed to enable high-yield growth of bacteria, yeast, mammalian or insect cell lines. Precisely manufactured to conform to the automation-friendly ANSI/ SBS format, BactiGrowth plates are available in plate formats from 24- to 384-well, and well vol- umes from 300 µL to 10 mL—suit- able for most cellular growth applications. Produced under class 10,000 cleanroom conditions from ultra-pure grade polypropylene, every batch of BactiGrowth plates is rigorously tested to validate their contamination-free status ensuring reproducibility and maintaining customer con–dence in the cells you grow. BactiGrowth plates are supplied in packs of –ve plates with tight-–tting lids sealed in a sterile polymer bag. Porvair Sciences

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