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DEC 2018

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Contents • Volume 38, Number 21 • December 2018 What's Trending Online G E N N E W S Stepped Up Spinal Cord Repair Helps Patients Walk Again G E N N E W S Vitamin D and Cardio Fitness Linked G E N N E W S NHGRI Charts Genomics Vision for 2020 G E N N E W S Growth Factor SigniŠcantly Impacts Fat and Carb Metabolism Emmanuel Barraud NHGRI haryigit / GettyImages Oak Ridge National Laboratory Single-Use Puzzles Come with Many Pieces Before implementing single-use technology, biomanufacturers weigh many considerations: product volumes, processing modes (batch/continuous/hybrid), cleaning requirements, and much, much more. 16 Using Big Data to Treat the Whole Patient A patient is more than a few molecular details. A patient is system of systems— genes, pathways, networks. To personalize patient care, use computational tools to capture each patient's system dynamics. 1 The Scoop 5 Top 10 Asia Biopharma Clusters 2018 As you might expect, China is the 800-pound dragon in the Asia-PaciŠc region. It is not so dominant, however, that runners-up shrink to insigniŠcance. In patents, for example, Japan is Šrst; India, second; and South Korea, third. 4 Sticky Ends 22 New Products 24 Calendar 25 People 26 Best Science Apps Layer by Layer: 3D Bioprinting on the Rise If you want your cell and tissue work to "jump o¥ the page," print it with living ink. Your 3D cell cultures, micro¨uidic systems, or organoid models could climb the best-seller lists. Only transplants could be more novel. 1 MicroRNA Pro†lers Cite Reconcilable Di‡erences To Šnd common ground, researchers and tool providers are standardizing microRNA protocols, devising puriŠcation and measurement techniques that converge on new biomarkers, including circulating biomarkers. 12 Drug Discovery Tutorial 10 Using a Purpose-Built Cannabis Lab Informatics System Newly respectable cannabis Šrms must satisfy business expectations and regulatory requirements. To stay on the up and up, these Šrms can rely on a Web-based, purpose- built LIMS from LabVantage. Bioprocessing Tutorial 18 The Future of Antibody Discovery and Cell Line Development Encapsulated in picodroplets, individual cells can be assayed and sorted automatically, says Sphere Fluidics, which emphasizes the importance of assured clonality. On Your Radar 6 Full-Stack Genome Engineering Can Simplify CRISPR Work'ows Drawing on its interdisciplinary talent, Synthego aims to turn biology into an information science, abstracting genome editing's design/edit/analysis functions and expediting the development of life-saving apps.

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