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MAY1 2015

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From cells to results with no manual intervention Fully automated qPCR workfow: © 2015 Roche 581-60993-0515 Roche Diagnostics Corporation 9115 Hague Road Indianapolis, Indiana 46256 For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. For patent license limitations for individual products please refer to: LIGHTCYCLER is a trademark of Roche. The LightCycler ® 1536 Multiwell Plate is manufactured under license from IT-IS International Ltd. LightCycler ® 1536 Real-Time PCR System Start with treated cells in a 1536-well tissue culture plate Add lysis buffer, incubate at room temperature for 5 minutes Transfer lysates and one-step master mix to qPCR plate Seal and centrifuge Amplify (RT-qPCR) C E L L S R E S U L T S Join the growing number of screening groups moving to high-throughput qPCR for more biologically relevant data. For access to presentations, data and a white paper, visit or text HTS to 313131 h Gene expression analysis Genotyping Thermal shift assays Multiple applications

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