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MAY1 2015

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Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | | MAY 1, 2015 | 11 ing of 3D microtissues. Business Model Protea Biosciences' business model is three-pronged: 1. Selling the LAESI DP-1000 instrument to companies or academic institutions for in-house research. 2. Providing mass spectrometry imaging services. ("Many of our clients are biologists who want better data," Turner adds.) 3. Collaborating in the area of tissue analytics. In January, Protea Biosciences announced a research collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). "We provide tissue analytics for diagnostic development," Turner explains. "Sci- entists use molecular information to help them make diffcult diagnoses. Biopsies are used, but when there is a scarcity of tissue, LAESI is particularly benefcial." Also in January, Protea Biosciences launched a service that uses histology-guid- ed mass spectrometry imaging (HG-MSI), a combination of traditional microscopy and molecular imaging. In this service, tis- sue samples are reviewed by pathologists or clinical researchers at their own labo- ratories. Then the samples are sent to Pro- tea Biosciences on slides, which are then digitized. The pathologists may then access their tissue images through Protea Biosci- ences' web portal and use the HG-MSI soft- ware to identify cells to query for molecular information. "HG-MSI complements histology," Turn- er asserts. "[Using this software,] pathologists can annotate the tissue and specify which subpopulations of cells should be analyzed separately. Pathologists' workfows aren't changed. Instead, we are adding information to their routine." That information takes the form of differ- ences among subpopulations of cells that may help identify and characterize biomarkers. Such additional discrimination may improve the accuracy of diagnoses and lead to more informed drug selection for physicians and better development for biotech companies. Markets Protea Biosciences has a nonexclusive co-marketing agreement with Waters and is interested in forming others. It also has an analytic collaboration with InSphero. The latter endeavor generates molecular profles of 3D microtissues for the liver and a wide range of tumors. "These 3D tissues behave more like human tissue, so predict- ability is enhanced," Turner says. "This part- nership allows us to generate molecular pro- fles and offer them alongside Insphero tissue to help drug developers assess the effcacy of novel agents." The frst data was presented last autumn. Protea Biosciences expects the frst molecu- larly profled 3D tissue services to launch this year. Protea Biosciences' user base is growing, along with its product and service offerings. Already, the LAESI user base includes SRI International, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, GE Global Research, Princeton University, Purdue University, the University of Oklaho- ma, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and others. In January, Protea Biosciences, as part of a research consortium, received a DARPA grant of up to $14.6 million to develop rapid threat assessment technology. BioResearch Take the trial and error out of your stem cell workfow with optimized toolkits from Lonza. Whether you work with iPSC or adult stem cells, your direct route to biologically relevant results starts here. • NEW! L7™ Reprogramming and Culture System – robust system for generation and maintenance of hPSCs • Nucleofector™ Technology – non-viral transfection for reliable reprogramming and genome editing • Clonetics™ Primary Cells and Poietics™ Stem Cells – extensive range available Streamline your stem cell workfow today. It All Stems from Here Simplify Your Reprogramming, Proliferation and Diferentiation ©2015 Lonza. ISSCR 2015 24 - 27 June, Booth #B04:11 CORPORATE PROFILE Protea Biosciences Group Location 955 Hartman Run Road Morgantown, WV 26507 Phone (304) 292-2226 Website Principal Stephen Turner Chairman and CEO Number of Employees 39 Focus Protea Biosciences Group is a mo- lecular imaging company. Its tech- nology can allow direct imaging of molecules in virtually any tissue or liquid sample without the need for sample preparation. Vital Signs

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