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MAY1 2015

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Contents • Volume 35, Number 9 • May 1, 2015 News 6 Sticky Ends 8 Products & Services 10 Industry Watch 12 Discovery & Development 18 Genomics & Proteomics 24 Bioprocessing 32 Molecular Diagnostics 34 Best Science Apps 35 Clinical Trials 36 New Products 42 Calendar 42 Company Index 43 People Tutorials Assay Tutorial 16 Illuminating Protein:Protein Interactions in Living Cells Promega says that a bright donor and a spectrally distinct acceptor can improve the sensitivity and widen the range of a bioluminescence-based technique. OMICS Tutorial 22 Genotyping Using CGE A new capillary gel electrophoresis system from BiOptic promises plug-and-play DNA fragment analysis, thanks to a pen-shaped capillary gel cartridge. Bioprocessing Tutorial 30 Manufacturing Methods for Cell Therapies Invetech discusses how equipment and processing considerations for allogenic therapeutics difer from those for autologous therapeutics. Quality, Yield Still Rule Protein Production In the land of bewilderingly diverse expression products, even semi-uniform batchwork is king, whether the realm consists of glycoforms, hemagglutinins, or antibody-drug conjugates. PAGE 24 Could CRISPR be the Magic Bullet? In the shooting gallery that is the genome, you can be "on target" and still fail to win a prize. Make sure that your CRISPR/Cas9 ammo packs enough punch to make the desired edits. PAGE 1 Deciphering Immune Cell Chatter All is not quiet on the immunological front. Rat-a-tats along receptor pathways and bursts from infammasomes and signalosomes are louder than ever. Does the din mean a breakthrough is near? PAGE 12 FEATURES Repositioning Old Drugs for New Uses The lovelorn are told that there's a lid for every pot. The same could be said of jilted drugs, which are joining candidate databases, part of pharma's new emphasis on matchmaking. PAGE 1 Columns GEN Exclusive 7 Brain Projects Get Researchers Thinking Big Staggering after brains isn't just for zombies. Just look at the neuroscientists mobbing around the biggest "brain" of all, the connectome, through BigNeuron and other projects. Corporate Profle 10 Direct-from-Tissue Bioanalytics Cross a stream of laser-stirred particles and an electrospray plume, says Protea Biosciences, and your mass spectrometer can analyze molecules from cells, tissues, and biofuids. Bioprocessing Perspectives 28 Bring Mycoplasma Under Control With contaminated cultures costing us big-time, the gold standard of mycoplasma detection— end-of-process testing—is tarnished. But PCR- based in-process testing has yet to shine.

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