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JAN15 2018

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Taming the Transcriptome with RNA-Seq Now that RNA sequencing, or RNA-seq, is handling diverse RNA species more capably, it is allowing scientists to develop a more comprehensive—and sophisticated— conception of the transcriptome. 10 Vaccine Industry Retools Itself for Speed Like many industries, vaccine manufacturing is moving toward mass customization. So, where are the assembly lines? Look for manufacturing systems that elaborate on core molecules or virus-like particles, as well as facilities that use single-use or prefab components. 18 Contents • Volume 38, Number 2 • January 15, 2018 Cell Therapy Manufacturing: All Signs Point to Commercialization It's not magic that investigators are getting better at producing cell therapies. As cell-based therapies continue to reach efficacy and safety milestones in the clinical setting, there is little doubt that best practices for their large-scale production will become less hazy. 1 Assay Tutorial 16 Opening Up the FFPE Archives Roughly treated FFPE samples yield suboptimal DNA. Nonetheless, says Integrated DNA Technologies, balancing sample quantity/quality can save the day. Bioprocessing Tutorial 20 Next-Gen Microcarrier Advances Cell Therapy When adherent cells are harvested, harsh chemicals and shear forces can be avoided if a dissolvable microcarrier is used, says Corning Life Sciences. 4 Sticky Ends 24 Calendar 25 People 26 Best of the Web 27 New Products FEATURES DEPARTMENTS Epigenetic Drugs: Team Players in Combo Therapies Certain epigenetic changes contribute to cancer growth and other diseases. By blocking such changes and combining new drugs with old ones, scientists may be better able to destroy tumors and possibly reverse the decline of the central nervous system. 1 What's Trending Online G E N E X C L U S I V E S Why Is Adoptive Manufacturing of Biologics Difficult? T H E L I S T S Top 25 Biopharma IPOs of 2017 First-Time Public Companies Find Smooth Sailing at Year's End G E N E X C L U S I V E S Meet the Scientist Who Helped Discover a Class of Potent Cancer Drugs A Profile of Dr. Jeffrey Bluestone G E N E X C L U S I V E S Virus Supply Vexes Gene Therapy Developers, CMOs Fujifilm Prasit / Getty Images Alfred Pasieka / Getty Images Corporate Profile 8 Helping Solve the CTE Conundrum The noninvasive, biomarker-based detec- tion of chronic traumatic encephalopathy is just one potential application of Quanterix' single-molecule array technology. Drug Discovery Tutorial 12 Quantitative Kinase Target Engagement Promega describes a target engagement assay that directly quantitates compound affinity for full-length kinases under physiological cellular conditions. The Scoop 6 Big Data Is Rapidly Transforming Medicine They call it "moneyball medicine," a data-driven approach that is changing the healthcare game, ensuring better teamwork between drug developers, clinicians, and patients. Andrew Brookes/Getty Images

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