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MAY15 2018

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Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | | MAY 15, 2018 | 9 since 2010, uses the Amazon cloud. The SaaS model enables easy scalability and integra- tion with other modules within the Dotmat- ics informatics platform. As clients grow and their needs shift, their information solution can change with them, quickly and easily. Rather than install additional software, Dotmatics may respond by adjusting the software license and, essentially, flipping a switch to add new capabilities or seats as needed. And because the application and the data are in the cloud, they can be accessed easily by scientists who may be located any- where in the world. As a result, bench scien- tists have access to the same analytics and have the assurance they are working off the same (and most recent) data. Dotmatics' tools are being used in a va- riety of companies. "There is no typical application," notes Dr. Gallagher. "Some companies buy one tool. Some install an entire suite. They can shape their infor- matics platform by picking and choosing." Bristol-Myers Squibb, he says, is replacing its screening platform with Dotmatics' sys- tems, and the German chemical company Clariant is replacing its current system with Dotmatics' electronic notebooks as part of its digital strategy. Dotmatics' technology will be "quite transformative" for the company's custom- ers, Dr. Gallagher predicts. He expects that it will enable scientists to more efficiently track and leverage the huge quantities of data be- ing generated today. A Small and Fast-Growing Company With strengths in both chemistry and bi- ology, Dotmatics is a small, rapidly growing company. Approximately 20 people have joined its staff in the past month alone, in- cluding Gordon McCall, the company's first chief financial officer. McCall, a certified accountant, previously served as associate director of a specialty financial consultancy in Glasgow. While the company has grown organical- ly thus far, it recently received a substantial investment from Scottish Equity Partners, a venture capital company focused on high- growth companies. This influx of capital will enable continued aggressive expansion in chemistry and biologics, supporting prod- uct innovation and customer support. As Dr. Gallagher says, "There's lots of work to do in the biologics space. We're devel- oping tools in QSAR, predictive analysis, CDR, CRISPR, and hot-spot identification, amongst many other things. Biologics really is up there with chemistry as a major driver for the industry now." Dr. Gallagher maintains that Scottish Eq- uity Partners' investment "sends a message" about Dotmatics' durability. "We're here to stay," he contends. "We're doing the right things, and we want to be a major player in this industry." High Throughput mAb Characterization • Maximize epitope diversity • Identify unique epitopes • Build your IP portfolio The LSA™ instrument is a fully integrated antibody characterization instrument that uses Array SPR to analyze up to 384 bind- ing interactions simultaneously, delivering up to 100x the data in 10% of the time with 1% of the sample requirements of other systems. Combined with our application-focused analytical software, the LSA facilitates high throughput: • Kinetics screening • Epitope binning • Epitope mapping • Quantitation Contact us at: Toll free: 844-642-7635 Characterize the epitope landscape of your entire antibody library at the earliest stages of discovery to make smart decisions: Corporate Profile Dotmatics Location The Old Monastery, Windhill Bishops Stortford, Herts, CM23 2ND United Kingdom Phone +44(0)1279 654 123 Website Principal Stephen Gallagher, Ph.D. Co-founder and CEO Number of Employees 130 Focus Dotmatics provides scalable informatics solutions for local or cloud deployment in academic settings as well as in the pharma- ceutical, biotech, food and beverage, oil and gas, and agrochemical industries. Vital Signs

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