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MAY15 2018

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Contents • Volume 38, Number 10 • May 15, 2018 What's Trending Online T H E L I S T S Top 10 Sequencing Companies Plunging Cost, Wider Use of Technology Help Drive NGS Growth G E N E X C L U S I V E S Work on DNA Vaccines Still Has a Way to Go G E N E X C L U S I V E S New Group Promotes AI, Robotics, and Automation in Healthcare G E N N E W S H I G H L I G H T S Autoimmune Treatment May Be Tucked Away in the Back of Your Fridge KTSDesign/Science Photo Library/Getty Images PASIEKA/Getty Images ThamKC/Getty Images Thomas Northcut/Getty Images Managing Biosimilars Is Like Herding Copycats Biosimilars are being driven toward the clinic, but many of them are stragglers. To round them up, developers and regulators are attending to naming conventions and equivalence testing assays. 1 The Scoop 6 St. Jude to Build a Collab-Fostering Research Hub A new research tower is rising, and unlike the Tower of Babel, this tower will realize its ambitions, not see them destroyed, by a proliferation of tongues. Multiple disciplines will be housed—and harmonized. 4 Sticky Ends 24 Calendar 25 People 26 Best of the Web 27 New Products FEATURES DEPARTMENTS With Digital PCR, the Rare Becomes Routine Its principle, extreme partitioning, has been established. Its technology, the reference-free endpoint assay, has matured. And now, its applications, which bring rare events to light, are proliferating. "It" is dPCR. 12 1 Mass Spec Is Being Souped Up to Help It Keep Up The engine of discovery known as mass spectrometry doesn't need an overhaul, but a few modifications might enhance its performance, helping it run down impurities, elemental markers, and metabolites. Bioprocessing Tutorial 20 Optimizing Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy Biotherapeutic developers can detect subtle differences in high- er order structure, says Applied Photophysics, if they measure optical effects influenced by helix, sheet, and coil elements. Corporate Profile 8 Analytics Times as Brief as Coffee Breaks A stimulating brew is being dispensed by Dotmatics, an in- formatics solutions provider that wants scientists to wake up to the benefits of real-time analysis, or "coffee break" analytics. Bioprocess Filtration Adjusts for Smooth Flows Avoiding downstream production snarls is an exercise in traffic management, which can be complicated when the traffic consists of high-titer biologics. To keep things moving, follow the new rules of the road. 16 G E N R O U N D U P

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