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JUN15 2018

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Jump Continued from page 35 Translational Medicine | Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | JUNE 15, 2018 | 35 For more information, visit our website New Products High-Pressure Ion Chromatography The new Dionex ICS-6000 high-pressure ion chromatography (HPIC) system is designed to accelerate the productivity of both routine and research workflows with automated monitoring and diag- nostics. It is designed to deliver robust performance and enable timely identifi- cation of instrument performance issues, helping scientists implement corrective measures to facilitate uninterrupted op- eration and improve laboratory efficien- cies. The system features Unity Remote Services software for remote monitor- ing of instrument operation and early detection and diagnosis of issues. This is designed to minimize system downtime and sample and critical data loss. It also features memory tags in each IC con- sumable, which then uses the Chrome- leon Chromatography Data System (CDS) software to monitor and record data automatically. PEEK Viper fittings offer tip-sealed connections, virtually eliminating dead volumes. Thermo Fisher Scientific Wireless pH Detector Developed for dairy industries to monitor the acidifying activity of lactic ferments by continuous pH observation, the iCinac Wireless is a low-cost wireless solution is easy to deploy and scale. The flexible, modular, moveable system simplifies measurements using multi-parameter digital probes that simultaneously measure pH, temperature, and Redox potential of a sample on the same channel. Data is analyzed in real time by software installed on the customer's computer. Up to 16 dif- ferent wireless channels can be monitored simultaneously. AMS Alliance Microscopy Plate The IPZ-3000 series adds a Z-axis positioner to an existing XY stage when needed. The piezo will fit inside any microscope stage with a standard 160 mm x 110 mm (K-size) insert opening. It accepts a variety of inserts for sample holder including slides, small dishes, and chambers. The IPZ-3000 is available with maximum travel distances of 150 µm, 300 µm, and 500 µm and provides resolutions as small as 2.2 nm, 4.5 nm, and 7.6 nm. It can be manipulated with either ASI's MS-2000 or TG-1000 controller, provid- ing both USB and RS-232 communication to a host computer, a 0–10V analog volt- age, or a manual input device. This hardware can be operated with several different microscopy software packages including Micro-Manager. Pair with ASI's Continuous Reflective Interface Sample Placement (CRISP) for a retrofit autofocus system that is compatible with many micro- scopes systems in the market. Applied Scientific Instrumentation Parainfluenza Virus Antigens These Parainfluenza Virus Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 antigens have been expressly designed for use as integral components within solid-phase enzyme immunoassay test procedures, espe- cially ELISA. As such, the availability of these antigens will benefit the needs of biophar- maceutical, clinical, drug discovery, and life science researchers, as well as manufacturers of IVD test kits. All these antigens exhibit exceptional purity levels as a result of chromatographic manufacturing techniques while demonstrating exceptional lot-to-lot consistencies and high degrees of activity and specificity. They all feature an outstanding shelf life stability claim of 10 years from the date of manufacture and are offered in a standard sized 1 mg filled vial, with larger, bulk configurations also being available. The Binding Site NIR Spectroscopy Analyzer The SpectraStar XT Analyzer is a robust, easy-to- use near-infrared (NIR) analyzer for both laboratory and at-line environments in the food, agricultural, and ingredient markets. The XT includes True Alignment® Spectroscopy technology which automatically aligns the instrument to reference standards keeping it in peak accuracy. It produces accurate, repeatable results in 30 seconds, measur- ing moisture, fat, protein, total sugar, and other properties from samples at any stage of the pro- cess. The XT is available in ready-to-use analyzer packages for many applications, pre-configured with robust calibrations and sample handling ac- cessories for plug-and-play operation. Unity Scientific Human Cytokine Screening Panel The Bio-Plex Pro Human Cytokine Screening Panel can identify and quantify 48 different ana- lytes linked to heart disease, autoimmu- nity, allergy, cancer, and many other conditions. The panel enables highly sensitive detection of the most often researched and biologically rel- evant cytokines in a single well, conserving time and resources. It consists of adaptive immu- nity cytokines, pro-inflammatory cytokines, and anti-inflammatory cytokines all in a single well. The assay provides highly sensitive detection—well below sub-picogram per milliliter range—without adding amplification steps to the workflow. The antigens and antibodies are also carefully developed in-house and tested to maximize specificity and minimize signal interference from irrelevant molecules, to enable precise and accurate quantification of mul- tiple analytes simultaneously. Bio-Rad Laboratories

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