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JUN15 2018

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6 | JUNE 15, 2018 | Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | Alex Philippidis If indeed "innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower," as Steve Jobs wrote in 2001, then this year's Top 10 Under 40 are well on the way to becoming leaders in biopharma research and business. As with last year's list, GEN is recognizing profession- als in biopharma research and/or business, all of whom have been recognized for their achievements, and who are under 40 years old as verified by them or their em- ployers. Half of this year's 10 have backgrounds in re- search, while the rest have experience either in business or a combination of research and business. GEN etic Engineering & Biotechnology News Scoop the TOP 10 Under 40 Read the full article online! Biopharma Research and Businesses Benefit from Contributions of Emerging Leaders Dr. Baras has established and leads several foundational genomics collaborations, including one with Geisinger Health System to sequence at least 250,000 participants and another with the UK Biobank to sequence 500,000 participants. Aris Baras, M.D., 33 years old VP and head of the Regeneron Genetics Center (RGC) Regeneron Pharmaceuticals 1 At Alnylam, Ms. Beer oversees all transactions and leads the team responsible for opportunity identi- fication, diligence, and deal negoti- ations. She played a leading role in the 2018 restructuring of Alnylam's rare disease global alliance with Sanofi Genzyme. Caroline Stark Beer, 39 years old VP, head of business development Alnylam Pharmaceuticals 2 Last year, Dr. Jurado won a L'Oréal USA For Women in Science fellow- ship intended to fund her research on the Zika virus, supporting her work on "Cut the Risk," an educa- tional campaign on sexual and re- productive health that emphasizes the benefits of the HPV vaccine. Kellie Ann Jurado, Ph.D., 30 years old Postdoctoral Scientist in Immunobiology Yale University 4 Dr. Liu, a surgeon and researcher at Shenzhen's Second People's Hospi- tal, has developed programmable DNA molecular robots at the na- noscale and used them to recognize and treat cancer cells. These robots are able to sense and integrate the signals created by cancer cells as they grow. Liu Yuchen, M.D., Ph.D., 30 years old Researcher, Shenzhen Second People's Hospital, The First Affiliated Hospital of Shenzhen University 9 Dr. Fares is a Spanish-born Lebanese medical doctor, researcher, and scientist. He devel- oped the "Fares Scale of Injuries due to Cluster Munitions," which assesses battlefield injuries based on functional impairment to deter- mine the best possible treatment. Jawad Fares, M.D., 26 years old Postdoctoral Scientist in Immunobiology Yale University 3 In 2016 Dr. Vågesjö cofounded Ilya, a spin-off of Illya Pharma from Uppsala University and Swedish University of Agricul- ture. The company is a developer of next-generation biologics for treating wounds in skin and mucosa. Evelina Vågesjö, Ph.D., 32 years old Co-founder and CEO Ilya Pharma 8 Dr. Rubins became the first person to sequence DNA in space during her first space flight on International Space Station Expedition 48/49 in 2016, where she spent 115 days in space and conducted two spacewalks. Kathleen Rubins, Ph.D., 39 years old NASA Astronaut 7 Dr. Lundberg's research aims to define the spatiotemporal organiza- tion of the human proteome at a subcellular level and understand how variations and deviations in localization can contribute to cellu- lar function as well as disease, at the interface between bioimaging and proteomics. Emma Lundberg, Ph.D., 37 years old Director of the Cell Atlas (part of the Swedish Human Protein Atlas program) 6 Dr. Kumar's company focuses on developing novel therapies for rare genetic disorders. Before founding BridgeBio in 2014, he was a principal at Third Rock Ventures, where he supported and managed various portfolio companies in addition to focusing on new company forma- tion and due diligence. Neil Kumar, Ph.D., 38 years old CEO BridgeBio 5 Dr. Zhang pioneered the develop- ment of genome-editing tools for use in eukaryotic cells—including human cells—from natural microbi- al CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Inter- spaced Short Palindromic Repeats) systems. Dr. Zhang played a seminal role in developing optogenetics. Feng Zhang, Ph.D., 35 years old Core institute member the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard 10

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