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JUL 2018

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Page 10 of 33 | Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | JULY 2018 | 9 ny had developed a working prototype. IRsweep's cofounders waited until this point to begin talking with potential funders. "We wanted to have a prototype ready when we started talking with potential investors," Dr. Mangold explains, believing that an ac- tual prototype would generate more positive results than would mere plans. The first investment rounds closed July 2017, with a significant investment from an undisclosed Swiss industrial company. Al- though that organization provides notable financial backing, IRsweep also has received support from the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center Switzerland, the Swiss National Competence Center for Re- search Quantum Science and Technology, Eurostars, DARPA, and Volkswirtschaftstif- tung (the Swiss Federal Foundation for Pro- motion of the National Economy through Scientific Research). As a new company with only recently commercialized products—the IRisF1 and the IRcell (a component for spectroscopic gas measurements)—IRsweep's distribution is still somewhat limited. "We don't have a distributor yet (for the IRisF1)," admits Dr. Mangold. Anyone interested in the technolo- gy must contact the company directly. "That limits distribution to Europe and the U.S.," he notes. The IRcell, however, is available in the U.S. through MenloSystems. Today, IRsweep markets its IRisF1 main- ly to academic researchers who need to un- derstand very fast processes, but it also has applications in industrial labs that need high- throughput measurements. "Ours is a very broadly applicable technology. It's not only for biotech," Dr. Mangold insists. One of the greatest market challenges IRsweep faces is one that is common to dis- ruptive technologies everywhere. It must help potential users overcome their concerns about trying technology that is so differ- ent from the spectrometers they have used throughout their careers. "They usually understand what our spectrometer is good for, but are concerned it won't perform as well as the 60-year-old technology they already know," Dr. Man- gold explains. "IR laser spectrometers don't yet have a long track record." The company's solution is to conduct tri- als and publish scientific papers detailing the results. Scientific studies are expected to be published soon, detailing the technology's capabilities in concurrently recording time and spectral data of biomolecular kinetics. Additional papers are likely to follow. In the meantime, IRsweep has a growing pres- ence at scientific conferences throughout Europe and North America, with the goal of helping researchers to become aware of, and comfortable with, this new mid-range IR spectroscope. As the company advances, Dr. Mangold says, IRsweep is focusing on broadening the spectral coverage of the existing instrument to make it useful for more spectroscopists. It also plans to identify additional, industrial, applications, and thus expand its customer base. Once again, IRsweep is seeking chal- lenges that its technology can solve, wher- ever they exist. Simple • Convenient • Efficient • Safe Lenti – Experience the Beauty! Focus on Discovery. Leave DNA Delivery to Lenti. Lenti Particles and Plasmids are Both Available Lenti-shRNA Lenti-ORF Lenti Packaging Kit Lenti Vectors © 2018 OriGene Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. On Your Radar IRsweep Location Laubisruetistrasse 44 8712 Staefa Switzerland Phone +41 44 586 79 79 Website Principal Andreas Hugi, Ph.D. Chairman of the Board Number of Employees 13 Focus IRsweep develops mid-range IR spectrometers using semiconduc- tor quantum cascade laser fre- quency combs. Vital Signs

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