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JUL 2018

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Contents • Volume 38, Number 13 • July 2018 What's Trending Online T H E L I S T S Top 50 NIH-Funded Institutions of 2018 California, Massachusetts Lead the Nation with Eight Recipients Each G E N E X C L U S I V E S Caspex Marks a New Series of Opportunities for Genomics G E N E X C L U S I V E S Cancer Immuno- therapy and RNA Interference Approach Seems to Present a Promising Matchup G E N N E W S H I G H L I G H T S Probiotic Shot May Alleviate Brain Stress Bill Oxford/Getty Images CU Boulder Single-Cell Cloning Remains a Challenge In biopharmaceutical manufacturing, developers of clonally derived cell lines are struggling to overcome inefficient single-cell isolation, reduced cell viability, and limited evidence for clonality. 10 Reclaim the Tumor Microenvironment via "Immunoforming" The immunosuppressive changes that sustain cancer may be likened to a familiar science fiction scenario: hostile (yet reversible) terraforming. Fighting cancer, then, can be like repulsing invading aliens at the ecosystem level. 1 The Scoop 6 Tracking MicroRNAs to Study Brain Dysfunction Having developed saliva tests to detect brain diseases and injuries, Quadrant BioSci- ences is huddling with its research and commercial partners and coordinating its moves into the market. 4 Sticky Ends 28 Calendar 29 People 30 Best Science Apps 31 New Products Cell Line Validation in Biomanufacturing In biopharmaceutical manufacturing, cell line validation goes well beyond the verification of cell identity. It also encompasses the verification of purity, sterility, and functionality—all to meet regulatory demands. 16 Bad Blood Has the Goods on Theranos A best-selling exposé revisits the time Theranos was on the rise and everyone got drunk on the blood-testing company's snake oil. Although the high is long gone, we're still suffering the hangover. 1 CAR T Cells Show Solid Progress Because they hide in immunosuppressive thickets, solid tumors are harder to reach than hematologic or "liquid" tumors. Yet solid tumors are being deprived of cover by new chimeric antigen receptor (CAR T)-cell technologies. 26 Bioprocessing Tutorial 20 High-Titer Recombinant Protein Production ExpiSf, developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific, is an insect-cell-based expression system that eschews yeastolate, a source of variability, to bring about improvements in consistency, yield, and time to protein. 24 CAR T-Cell Therapies with a Bispecific Twist When chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapies wrestle with cancer, they can lose their grip. That's why CARs are being engineered to execute multiple holds. Pin cancer to the mat! On Your Radar 8 IRsweep Tackles Biologics Challenge with Spun-Out Lab Method Fast detection, high brightness, and large spectral coverage—all in one mid-IR-range optical sensing solution. Drug Discovery Tutorial 12 Profiling an Active Tumor Immune Microenvironment, Ex Vivo Mitra Biotech's CANscript assesses lymphocyte infiltration, trafficking, and spatial heteroge- neity to predict immunotherapy outcomes.

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